I'm Rachel, a 24 year old BA Fine Art graduate. I was born and raised in London and love exploring new and different parts of the city and using my creativity to capture what I see photographically. I started this blog way back in 2013, but I neglected it really badly whilst I was studying; now that I'm working full time its become a fantastic way of expressing my creative side and I've always enjoyed writing so blogging is a great mix of both passions.

My blogging style is still in a bit of a random phase as I'm still new and learning what I like writing about and photographing, although this is also a bit of a reflection of my personality as I am a bit random and into various different things such as fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I collect perfumes, candles and make up. I am also very passionate about mental health issues after struggling very badly myself for quite a few years. I hope that this new outlet will benefit me in a positive way and so far I'm loving it, even if there aren't millions of readers, I appreciate those who are bothering to read through my waffle!

I like flowers, music, caramel lattes, food and pretty things in general. Getting more into blogging has given my life a bit of purpose and an outlet to express myself after having a terrible year in terms of my mental health. At the moment I feel like I'm getting back onto my feet again and I'm finding that writing has helped me regain some of the confidence that I had lost. I'm now looking forward to the future and seeing where my hobby will take me.

Hope to see you back soon!


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