Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Beauty Review: MakeUp Revolution x Soph Highlighter Palette

Hello again guys; I’ve been a bit slow on the blogging front recently, particularly with beauty related posts. Not intentionally, but I’ve had a bit of a creative slump over the past couple of months and at the minute I’m working on trying to rediscover my artistic roots. I have spent months lusting after the MakeUp Revolution x Soph highlighter palette; the amount of reviews, recommendations, blogs and YouTube videos that have raved about this palette made me so incredibly tempted. However, considering I live in London, it was an absolute nightmare to find in any Superdrug, so I feel I’m super late to the party with this palette. I have to be honest, I was kind of sceptical about how good it would be as although MakeUp Revolution are known for many affordable but good quality products, I was concerned about how big the palette would be, but it’s actually a great size. Being the colour of a ghost, there’s only 4 colours that I can use as a highlighter, which are the top and bottom two on the left hand size of the palette. The other four shades are too dark, so I’m planning to use them as eyeshadows instead as I don’t like to waste anything haha! For £8, it is excellent value for money as you get 8 different shades for that price, so if you consider that as £1 a shade it’s a pretty good deal. It also doesn’t look or feel cheap, which is always a bonus when affordable make up looks as good as more high end make up. I’m definitely a drugstore girl, so this palette is right up my street!

The packaging is also nicer in person; it’s fairly sturdy and feels like it would be able to handle regular use in a make up bag. In a nice matte peach colour, the half of the palette holding the shades is quite thick in comparison to the lid but that makes it feel fairly safe in the hands. It’s pretty lovely looking to the eye, with the matte peach alongside the clear window allowing you to see the shades - no hate but I personally would’ve preferred a mirror, but it’s more aesthetically pleasing this way I’m guessing. I couldn’t manage a nice picture of swatches, but each shade is pretty pigmented although I know already that I’ll be favouring the light gold. I’m hoping that each pan with last a fair amount of time as they are reasonably sized. There are definitely some shades that I’d buy individually as a highlighter shade, so I’m hoping that’ll be a possibility for any future products as they’re really good quality. The darker shades felt quite chalky on my skin, but I’d say that’s more because they were too dark than because they’re actually chalky - when I used them on the eyelid instead they felt smooth, so maybe I just layered them too thickly. On the surface of the skin the shades don’t look pigmented, but when your face hits the light they literally beam, which is the perfect kind of highlight. Overall, this palette has lived up to my expectations and I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up as a make up staple for me as the range of shades are adaptable for a variety of looks. Have you got this palette or planning to buy it? Let me know your thoughts :)

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