Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Piercing Tag

1. How many piercings do you have?

In total, I have 20 piercings.

2. Where are they?

Left ear: tragus, conch, 4 lobes, daith and 5 helix piercings. Right ear: tragus, rook, auricle and 3 lobe piercings. I have my nose pierced on the left side, my left nipple and my belly button.

3. How old were you when you got them?

For my first lobes, I was 6 years old. My second and third lobes, 18 years old. For my right tragus, the auricle and the rook, 19 years old. I was 19 when I got a helix on my left ear, 4th lobe on the left and my belly button, too. At 20 years old, I got the conch on my left ear and at 22 I got my nipple pierced. At 24, I got the daith, left tragus, nose and 4 helix piercings.

4. On the scale of 1-5, how bad did it hurt?

Lobes: 1/5
Tragus: 3/5
Rook: 4/5
Daith: 2/5 *this one was the most painful to heal. Swelled up a LOT.
Nipple: 3/5 *two years later and it still isn’t fully healed.
Belly Button: 2/5
Conch: 3/5 *this piercing was the easiest to heal of the more unconventional piercings.
Auricle: 1/5
Helix: 2/5

5. Which one hurt the most?

The rook was so, so painful. It hurt more than the nipple did to pierce, and it swelled for like 5 days after which didn’t help at all. The jewellery fell out due to swelling, luckily once longer jewellery was put in I didn’t have any issues after that. The daith has been the most difficult one to heal, the swelling lasted around 2 weeks and still feels painful. (The daith is my most recent piercing).

6. Which one is your favourite?

On both ears, I love the tragus piercing, I think it’s really cute and also quite subtle, it suits a lot of people. But if I was going to pick one of my more unusual piercings, I’d probably say the nipple. 

7. Do you regret any of your piercings?

No, I like all of them. I usually get told that I have too many piercings, but I like them. I’m addicted, haha. One thing I dislike about fresh/healing piercings is that I have to wait to change the jewellery as I prefer gold jewellery.

8. Do you want any more piercings?

Yes I do; I’m interested in getting a forward helix, an anti tragus, a conch on my right ear and a vertical tragus. Now many more to go, haha.


  1. Loved reading this post! I'm such a sucker for piercings, I desperately want to get my nipples done, but I've heard so many mixed reviews about these piercings, maybe next year I will pluck up the courage to do so! x

    Han |

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