Friday, 1 December 2017

Life Update // Hello December

Hello again guys; is it me or has this year suddenly disappeared?! Honestly as I age, I feel like the years are going by faster and faster, which is so frustrating. As December comes around, I always seem to find myself wondering if I’ve done enough with my life, if I’ve taken enough risks or been happy enough throughout the year and as much as it is a good thing to measure yourself by achievements and happiness, I often end up finding myself stressing and obsessing about it, which isn’t great for my mental health. However, on a much more positive note: HELLO DECEMBER. I love the build up to Christmas and starting to open the advent calendar is always really exciting, amongst the various Christmas traditions that come throughout the month, such as putting up the tree, preparing gifts and dinner, etc. I’m looking forward to a quiet Christmas with family, relaxing, watching tv and stuffing my face, haha. I mean, everyone loves a good old Yorkshire pudding right?

As you can probably tell from the photographs below, I finally decided that I could afford to invest in a DSLR camera; after studying photography at a-level and at university, I really regretted selling my camera and so I’ve spent the last few months reading reviews and comparing cameras and prices before deciding on this camera, the Canon 750D. I actually purchased it on Black Friday and I have no regrets at all... It came with two lenses, a 50mm prime and a 18-55mm standard zoom as well as the camera body which was excellent value for money. This model isn’t the latest in the market, however that was better for me in terms of price and honestly, it does everything that I would want it to do. I’m really excited to see how having this camera will improve my content over the coming months and I’m even thinking about starting a YouTube channel, although we’ll see if I can be that brave haha! The strap isn’t the generic canon strap, but one that I purchased from eBay for a reasonable £3; absolute bargain. I’m so excited to improve my photography and generally experiment with the camera over the next month - perfect for Christmas related posts! Are you excited for the festive season too? Let me know in the comments :)

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