Saturday, 9 December 2017

Favourite YouTubers // Vlogmas Edition!

Hello again guys; it’s now day 9 of Blog,as and it feels like Christmas is creeping ever closer! It’s time to start wrapping presents and writing out Christmas cards, eek. One thing that makes me feel festive automatically is watching Vlogmas videos on YouTube, as there’s something nice about watching how other people prepare and celebrate the festive season throughout the month of December. Basically, I’m a nosy person and enjoy seeing how other people live their lives, so I’m a massive fan of watching vlogs. Everyone celebrates Christmas differently, some people decorate very little, some go all out, either way I really enjoy seeing how people choose to celebrate, getting into the spirit and also how much more outgoing and sociable people are during the festive season. As it is blogmas, it made sense to do a vlogmas themed post, so the five ladies below are five channels that I’ve been obsessed with this vlogmas!


I originally started following on Instagram after finding her blog. Her YouTube channel definitely seems to be going from strength to strength; full of hauls and tags, but at the minute I’m loving her ‘24 Days of Sopherina’, which is alternative version of vlogmas. Each day, we see her day to day life but I’m really loving seeing the unboxing of advent calendars and new products. I always feel like the camera just loves her but at the same time she does come across as a normal girl who simply loves life. My favourite vlog so far has been the one featuring her favourite Christmas films as it was the perfect way to get into the festive season and there were some absolute classics included in the list!


As any regular readers of my blog will know, I’m a massive fan of Rhiannon and have been for years now; we’re the same age but live completely different lives and that’s one of the reasons why I adore her vlogs so much. I always look forward to her Vlogmas series as her vlogs in general are really chilled and down to earth, viewers get to see her day to day life and her daughter is so lovely to watch, especially as she’s getting older and able to talk and be more involved. I can’t wait to see their family continue to grow and see them enjoy the festive season together, after all, Christmas is always more enjoyable when they are children around to boost the happy moods. Even if her vlogs aren’t the most eventful, I love her honest view of everyday life and watching her cook is so relaxing.

Sophie Louise Porter

I’ve been subscribed to Sophie for a while, after finding her Harry Potter related videos and so I was excited to see that she was participating in vlogmas this year. Her channel has actually grown so much lately, but her content is the same as ever, which is something that is lovely to see. Her vlogmas series have been pretty full on, it seems like she leads the busiest of lives, she’s always shopping, cooking or cleaning! I just love how down to earth she is, as well as how open she is about her love of Disney... I mean, a Disney themed tree is the dream for most people, so she’s living the good life. Her vlogs are definitely getting little old me ready for Christmas!

Katie Snooks

Usually I watch Katie’s weekly vlogs, so I was amazed to see some daily vlogs; her voice is really soft and calming, which is always a good sign for any vlogs haha. I like seeing her confidence grow as her acne begins to disappear more and more, as well as watching her declutter her house, her make up collection and her wardrobe, it feels so realistic as that’s the kind of everyday things that everyone does. I loved her Blogger Bake Off vlogmas episode, seeing her bake and be creative and every loves a bit of GBBO and it was basically the blogger version. Katie is super honest with her viewers, talking about how she’s feeling and her anxiety levels a lot, but at the same time she makes an effort to enjoy life and that’s why I like her vlogs so much, she does her best to make the most of life.


Recently I subscribed to Sophie’s vlogging channel after being an avid watcher of her main channel for months. She actually vlogs pretty regularly, and during vlogmas she’s uploading even more regularly, which is nice. I liked watching her choose a Christmas tree and decorating her house; it was such a basic thing to watch but actually really interesting. She also vlogger her attendance of the Blogger Bake Off, where she had a bit of a creative meltdown, haha. She’s definitely one of the more relatable YouTubers, she fangirls a lot and I liked seeing her talk about her tattoos and piercings without lecturing on how to care for them. She’s genuinely excited by the opportunities she gets and her vlogs are a great way to nose around her life.

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