Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Christmas Wish List

Hello again guys; I actually cannot believe that it’s day 18 of Blogmas already! I’m also amazed that this far I’m not doing abysmally in terms of managing to blog each day. Yes, I missed one day but 17 days out of 18 isn’t bad, particularly as I’ve never attempted to blog so much before. I like it, I’ve been feeling really inspired this month although I admit that it has been incredibly difficult at times to keep up with the demands and pressure that I’ve been putting upon myself to deliver posts that contain good content, rather than simply posting just any old shit every day (I admit, there have been many days where I’ve been so tempted to simply post one photograph and barely write anything). However, I’ve tried really hard to keep creating good content (at least I hope it’s good) particularly in terms of the written content. Today’s post is a bit of a random, yet personal one. I wanted to create a list of things that I would like for Christmas after writing some Christmas Gift Guides recently; I feel like I want (need) to add a bit of myself into these blogmas posts and so here is a reasonably short and affordable list of things I’d like for Christmas. As I get older, I’m starting to realise that I prefer memories and the little things, not massive gestures. Let me know in the comments if you’ve been enjoying my attempts at blogmas :)

Christmas Dinner

Ok, so I am fully aware that this is a bit of a basic Christmas requirement, but I love a good Christmas dinner. I’ve definitely piled on the pounds over the course of 2017 so I want to have a fully fattening Christmas and New Year before I attempt to start a health kick in 2018. I love a Christmas dinner with the full trimmings; I’m an absolute sucker for pigs in blankets and Yorkshire puddings more than anything else, but I also love cabbage, sprouts, roasted asparagus and carrots amongst so many other things. This year I’m really looking forward to a traditional Christmas dinner with my mum, nana and boyfriend with crackers and all of our family animals around us. There’s something about Christmas Day that really needs and a,aging spread for it to really feel festive.

Harry Potter Book Set

If you’re someone who regularly reads my blog posts, then you’ll know that I’m a collector of the Harry Potter series, I’m attempting to collect all of the covers but by bit from various places. The 2014 set of UK covers are absolutely lovely, particularly the Prisoner of Azkaban, with its illustration of the stag Patronus dominating the cover. They’re not particularly cheap, priced at £40 in paperback and around £80 in hardback but then it does include the full seven books so that’s not an unreasonable amount. I would love to own these in hardback at some point, but realistically due to price I’ll be more likely to eventually own the paperback set as they’re more affordable overall. Either way, I really want this set to add to my collection of four other sets.

Simple Skincare Set

Over the past year I’ve started actively taking more care of my skin as I have incredibly dry skin so moisturising, cleansing and toning is extremely important for my skin. Since making use of the Simple Gift Set that I received for Christmas last year, I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin; yes, I still have bad dark circles under my eyes but that’s obviously something to expected for my pale skin tone. However, I’ve noticed that overall my skin is much clearer and feels a lot softer with no dry patches, even in these harsh winter months. For £12, you get three full sized products so these kinds of sets are really good value for money. 

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Edition

As soon as I saw these official Hogwarts House editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone I was determined to eventually own all four of them; at the minute I actually own the Slytherin version, which I snapped up from eBay. Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor, so I’m expecting that one of my relatives will have purchased that version for me for Christmas. Priced at £9, I really like the added information about the House founders at the start of the books, as well as the beautiful illustrations throughout. Over the next year I’m definitely going to be owning each version of these, I’m in love.


I’m a massive lover of perfume; my all time favourite brand is Marc Jacobs, particularly the Daisy range. They’re fairly expensive, at £50+ but they’re worth the money that they smell insanely lovely and the bottles make fantastic displays in my room. At the minute I’d love to get the Daisy Dream Kiss, or the Daisy Dream Forever, but in all honesty I’d love any new perfume, I wear perfume all the time and I love much more confident I feel once I’ve sprayed some on. Anything fruity and/or floral is completely to my taste and I’ve worn perfumes for £12 and £60, price isn’t important, the smell is always what’s important. 

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban - Illustrated Version

Having received the first two illustrated books for the past two years at Christmas from my mama, I’m expecting that I’ll be receiving the third illustrated book for this Christmas. I have really high hopes for this illustrated book as it’s my favourite of the seven part series and it has been since I first read it as a child. The cover is stunning, it definitely doesn’t disappoint and I love the darker shading as it reflects the storylines getting slowly darker and more dangerous too. Priced at £20, it’s not too expensive to spend on a present but it’s definitely worth every penny for someone like me who absolutely loves Harry Potter and all of the merchandise that keeps coming out.

Harry Potter Cauldron Mug

Ever since I saw that Primark were expanding their Harry Potter range, I was desperate to hunt down this mug and so far I’ve been unsuccessful in my search, which is so disappointing. In fairness, being priced at £6 it was never going to hang around for long but I refuse to give up on ever finding it. I’ve found it online through eBay, but it goes for higher than the RRP which irritates me, so I’m hoping that someone who knows me will have been able to find it, if not then I’ll just have to get something similar at some point. It’s one of the cheapest items on the list, so fingers crossed I might be lucky!

Harry Potter - A History of Magic British Library Exhibition

There are so many new Harry Potter related books that have been released this year and this one is definitely high on my must have list; I love that it’s about all of the things that inspired J. K. Rowling’s magical literary world. It adds a bit more information about the background of the novels, her influences and interpretation of what she included within the novels, however big or s,all a part it played in the series. Priced at £25, it is still fairly affordable in terms of gifting, I’d love to add this to my already huge collection of Harry Potter related books, so fingers crossed I’ll have a nice surprise this Christmas. 

Lindt Teddy

As a small child, I used love lugging my favourite toy around all day, every day. Her name was (is) Teddy, and she was a teddy bear. I was literally obsessed with teddies, I was never into cars or dolls. I think that’s why I adore the Lindt teddies so, so much; the shape of the teddy really reminds of my teddy, as she also wore clothes (way before Build-A-Bear was a thing, haha) so the Lindt Teddy with the little Christmas jumper is always my chocolate of choice over Christmas. Priced at £4, it’s super affordable and something that never fails to bring a smile onto my face; as I said earlier, the little things are often the most important. Plus, the chocolate is amazing.

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