Saturday, 14 October 2017

Harry Potter Studio Tour Haul

Hello guys; I thought that I would show you the things that I bought from the Harry Potter Studio Tour as I love reading or watching Hal’s myself and I have to say, I think I was fairly well behaved considering how much stuff I wanted to buy from the shop! I was literally like a child in a sweetshop, I’ve never seen so many different things that I want. I’m not usually a huge merchandise person, but to be honest it was impossible to resist in that shop. Not pictured is a photo of me in Gryffindor robes riding a broomstick, which was £14 so fairly expensive but I’d say it was worth it as I’ll always remember this visit when I look at it. Also missing from the photograph are two fridge magnets, one of Diagon Alley and one of the view of Hogwarts from the boats; they were £4 each and one of the more affordable items available. Throughout the tour, there are several different shops and not all items are available in each one, which was a shame as there were some things that I wish I had bought that I couldn’t as I decided to wait until the end shop (the largest) and it was so annoying that each shop is slightly different as I really wanted a Christmas decoration that I’d seen but then couldn’t find in the final shop. 

I decided to pay a little extra and buy Butterbeer and butterbeer ice cream for £6.95 each; the reason it was more expensive was because I wanted to be able to keep the dishes, which shows how deeply I am when it comes to Harry Potter haha! The butterbeer was horrible, but the ice cream was lovely so in a way I wish I’d only bought the ice cream, oops. Whilst in the gift shop I felt like a child in a sweet shop and when it came to the Honeydukes section it was literally a dream; the packaging designs were so lovely! I knew as soon as I saw the Chocolate Frogs that I had to have one, however for £8.95 it was fairly expensive but it wasn’t hollow and it was huge. Plus, I’m now using the packaging for display on a bookshelf and it came with a card... I’m still gutted that I got Salazar Slytherin as I desperately wanted Dumbledore. For my family I also bought a pack of all Butter Toffees which were surprisingly good value for money as not only is the box massive but it was fairly reasonably priced at £7.95 and not only did my family enjoy them but I was allowed to keep the packaging for display too which was nice. The pink and green graphics are so eye-catching too, I love how they stand out against the books on my bookshelf.

I bought a Pygmy Puff keychain in purple for myself which I thought was actually good value for money, priced at £6.95; especially when you consider that is cheaper than the edible items. I chose the purple because I liked it more than the pink, although if I do revisit the tour I’m tempted to buy a pink cuddly toy version of my keyring. It’s currently holding my house keys and I love it. I also bought my boyfriend a keychain, (whoops not pictured) a Gryffindor lion themes chain, red and gold and the lion spins around. It’s actually excellent quality, it’s really heavy and feels substantial and for the price of £7.95 I’m really happy for it and it was a great choice for a gift, he definitely liked it as it’s currently on his house keys! I also gave into my inner child and bought the Triwizard Cup which is probably my favourite item from the whole haul. It’s actually really big, and it lights up blue just like the film prop does, which is lovely. For £14.95 I was easily tempted; as soon as I saw it I really liked it, it’s sitting proudly on a bookshelf alongside some of the other items from this haul, haha. It’s so intricately designed and I do think it looks really cool in the house, haha. Finally, I couldn’t resist buying the Offical Tour Guide which wasn’t badly priced at £9.95; whenever I visit anywhere I do like to collect a souvenir guide and at the Studio Tour there’s so much to see and do that I really wanted to have something that I could look back at and remember all the different parts to it. That’s all for this post, let me know in the comments if you liked what I bought - did you any of you buy anything similar? :)

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