Friday, 27 October 2017

Favourite YouTubers #9

Hello again guys; I can’t believe how far into October it is already! Like it’s actually amazing how quickly this year is flying past, before I know it it’ll be new year at this rate... One thing that I do enjoy about October is watching vlogs on YouTube during that month. I love getting nice and cozy in bed and snuggling up to watch various Vlogtober series’. There are a few YouTubers that I watch every year and genuinely enjoy seeing life through their eyes for a month. I love the behind the scenes, no filter, all honesty videos and blogs at a fantastic way to get to know a person, rather than a planned 15  minute video. Aside from vlogs, I do also like watching book bloggers at the moment; I like seeing what other people are reading and what they recommend.


Jessie is a YouTuber who I admire for her honesty; I love that YouTube comes second to her studies and so I do enjoy her vlogtober series every year as although she doesn’t seem to do much other than study, it’s realistic and I find her vlogs calming. Jess comes across as very chilled but also very dedicated to her work; I wish I had been as dedicated to my studies, oops. I also like how her vlogs include little titbits like outfits of the day, room tours and talks about what books she’s currently reading and if she likes the content and writing style. At the moment she’s got a lot of montages of her day with not massive amounts of talking or activities other than studying, but I like the realism of seeing her days so simply.


I’d previously been enjoying the MandevWeekly series that they had on their main channel, but actually I’m enjoying their daily vlogging channel more. I like how they’re mixed in more than other daily vlogging channels as they each vlog their day so every other day you get to see a different sister, with a different life and a different editing style. Grace is definitely the sister with the very cool home and cooking shots, whereas Amelia tends to vlog going out to clubs and pubs with friends but both of them are equally interesting. Where the sisters are currently partaking in daily vlogging, I doubt they’ll be doing vlogtober or vlogmas as they seem dedicated to keeping up the consistent uploads and I’m enjoying seeing their different personalities, lives and friendships.


I’ve mentioned Rhiannon so often in my monthly YouTuber favourites, but honestly I do really love her vlogs. Personally, I really enjoy seeing how other people choose to live their lives and as someone who is childless, I never thought that I would find a family vlogger interesting, but I do. I subscribed to her vlogging channel back when she was known as Fashionrocksmysocks and obviously a lot has changed since then. I’m addicted to her vlogtober videos at the moment; it’s so relaxing to watch her and she seems so down to earth and determined to be an excellent mother. Her daughter is so sweet, especially now she’s starting to develop her own little personality and talking! Here’s hoping that she partakes in vlogmas with her lovely family.


I originally found Morgan through her range of Harry Potter related videos and I instantly liked her videos. She seems so lovely and down to earth; this month I’ve been binge watching her channel and I’ve watched a lot of content that really appeals to me. She’s a book, beauty, lifestyle and fashion based YouTuber, but my favourite content is the Harry Potter content, with videos including ‘how to make a butterbeer milkshake’, ‘huge Harry Potter book collection’ and ‘Ravenclaw merchandise collection’ to name a few that are not only interesting but also original. She also vlogs occasionally, although she’s not participating in vlogtober, it does look likely that she’ll be creating content for vlogmas which I look forward to.

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