Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Snippets of Life: June/July

Hello guys, I feel like I've been so disorganised with my blog over the last month or so because I was planning to post this towards the end of June and now it's the start of August, I'm such a mess at the moment! (I will be posting why that is in a few days) I do like to post some photographs to do with my life every month and I usually have many photos to choose from, however all of the images below have been taken during June and July and I feel like there's not many; I've definitely had a bit of a dip in creativity in the last month or so. That said, I've been enjoying watching and taking things in outside of a camera; watching the sun rise and set, going for walks along the riverside and just generally living my life outside of a lens. I guess I'm enjoying life for what it is and watching the long summer days before they disappear. Looking through the photos that I've chosen to post, I'm definitely feeling a bit of wanderlust right now, I'm in the mood to see things, absorb knowledge and explore the world, but obviously that needs money so I'll settle for exploring London for now. I had a lovely June and good July, so hopefully August will be even better. I want to focus on my blog mor ethics month, so I'll see you very soon. Take care, love Rachel :)



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