Thursday, 3 August 2017

Favourite YouTubers #7

Hello again guys; I've had one of those funny weeks so all of my blog posts have been slightly random, although that's actually how I like blogging, if I'm completely honest. It feels real and it's a genuine reflection of what what I'm like in life. This month I've been watching a lot of Harry Potter related videos, in preparation for visiting the Studio Tour myself next month! Alongside that, I've been getting into vlogs, homeware and beauty videos. I like to watch YouTube when I'm in bed, before I go to sleep so that if I don't fully remember what I've watched, there's always the option to watch it again. YouTube is definitely something that I would be too shy and awkward to talk so confidently to a camera, so I admire those you do. Every month I watch different kinds of videos, rather than the same people or the same kind of video and I think that's what keeps it interesting.

Cherry Wallis

Through searching for the 'Harry Potter Tag', I found Cherry's channel and instantly fell in love with her magically inclined videos; a fabulous range of homeware and lifestyle, whether that's Primark (Harry Potter) clothing, a room tour, beauty hauls and Harry Potter videos including which (replica) horcruxes she owns, her wand collection and an overall Harry Potter collection amongst many others. I like how she collaborates with other Potterheads on occasion and also uploads regular videos such as peeks into her bag and make up tutorials. 

Tessa Netting

Another Potterhead on YouTube, I found Tessa's channel from one of the many Potterhead collaborations in the online world and was hooked fairly quickly; she's best described as both quirky and cool with a little bit of geek (which is not a bad thing at all!) I've been enjoying her hauls and unboxing videos and does post some fantastic reviews, for example the Cursed Child review was not only descriptive, but also fairly neutral; it felt honest and real, a genuine reflection of her feelings about the play. She collaborates with other YouTubers fairly regularly and definitely does her part of charity with her #Luna4Lumos live feeds, so she's one the more selfless people around in this world!


I have been suscribed to Rosie for a couple of years now and I love how down to earth she is; from baking and make up tutorials, to just general lifestyle and testing videos, she is always a pleasure to watch. She's very bubbly and it feels like she's literally talking to you (as a viewer) like a friend and she does seem really honest; not all of her reviews are positive, which is nice to see. Out of all of her uploads, my personal favourites are definitely her travel vlogs as she visited so many beautiful places and the vlogs literally mad me so desperate to travel the world as soon as possible!

RhiannonAshlee - RhiannonAshleeVlogs

I've been watching Rhiannon's videos for around 5 years or so; she was the first person I ever subscribed and I've loved watching her little family grow. Her vlogs are hugely relaxing and I feel like they're a true representation of her actual life; its not all glitz, glamour and parties. She doesn't edit out a bad day and I like that, its refreshing to see that she's a normal girl. Her little girl is very cute, but I have to admit I can't believe I watched her pregnancy vlogs and now there is a one year old to watch as well as beauty and fashion videos.

JustJodes - JustMoreJodes

I only recently discovered her channel, but Jodie is another YouTuber who I always feel gives anhonest opinion; her videos are quite creative as they're a mix of everything, including beauty, fashion, testing various products and many other avenues. Recently I've been enjoying her vlogs and her homeware hauls, particularly her recent room tour; basically I'm a bit nosy and like getting an intimate look into how other people live. One of the reasons I watch Jodie so often now is because she comes across as super friendly, as well as honest so I feel like I'm not gonna to end up wanting to spend thousands of pounds that I don't have, she's literally so normal and I love that.

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  1. Hi there! Somehow I've never watched any of these youtubers, I'll definitely have to check them out! Love this post!
    xx Jocelyn //


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