Sunday, 2 July 2017

Favourite Blogs #11

Hello again; I'm sorry that I've gone a bit downhill with blog posts over the past week, I've been struck down with flu so literally couldn't leave my bed. I'm still not feeling 100% but I'm better, but I really want to get back on top of things, including this blog. As a new month is a upon us, I feel like it makes sense to start off July with a post that I should really have posted in June before I was ill, but as they say: better late than never! I like to write posts relevant to that time, which includes various forms of monthly favourites, which is where this post slots in. As a blogger, I find so much inspiration from other blogs; throughout this month I've been loving revisiting some blogs that I've loved for years now. I can only dream of being as polished as these ladies! I really enjoy reading other blogs and have been reading various blogs for years now. I feel like June disappeared from right under my nose, so I expect that July will likely whizz by. Let me know if you like these kinds of posts in the comments! :)

I've been reading Kristabel's blog for years now and I just love her creative vision; the photography and layout of her blog are just completely stunning, just like she is. Her posts stretch across a variety of topics, including travel, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food. My favourite posts are a mix of fashion and travel; her outfits alongside beautiful buildings always look stunning, as she always dresses well for her long and lean shape. After blogging for many years and having a degree in fashion, it's no wonder that her posts are so close to perfection; every single one of her posts never fails to capture my attention, regardless of the content.


Olivia's blog is the kind of blog that I can only dream that my little blog will ever be as good as! There's something effortlessly lovely in her personal style; to me, she's the perfect blend of parisienne and london chic. Basically, her photography ticks all of the boxes, wherever she in the world and whatever she's wearing. I've been reading her blog since I was a sixth former (so a very long time) and she's always been flawless. My favourite posts of hers are fashion (the 70s/boho vibe is a winner), travel and baking. That being said, I also really enjoy her book reviews as they're often books that I've been planning to read so inspire me to read them before I get distracted and read other things.


Ever since I found Katy's blog I haven't stopped returning to it; her posts offer a fantastically intimate set of photographs from various travels, such as Singapore or Scotland. I like her positive attitude to life, how she writes lists and has an opinion on many different subjects. Her blog actually influenced my own so much, but honestly I'm just so in awe of her beautiful photography. Many of her posts encapsulate travel, lifestyle, food and personal style; although I'm sure the most popular are her travel guides and reviews of various eateries in different cities. She's one to watch of you want to eat out somewhere in London, she's reviewed so many places.


Elizabeth's blog is a pastel, romantically inclined persons dream (in short, my dream); I really adore how she expresses her love for nature, lifestyle, her child and beauty in her posts. There's something slightly ethereal and magical about her blog in general and I cannot explain how much I love her blog header with its vintage camera and written typeface. My favourite posts are the make up reviews as she often reviews products that suit pale skin, so it's super useful for someone like me, who is also of a ghostly complexion. Her photography is lovely, particularly of the countryside that surrounds her; it looks so peaceful!


Another blog that I've been reading for a few years is Carrie's; her wedding posts were those of dreams, it looked like it was the most beautiful of beautiful days. I would say she's an avid travel blogger, documenting trips all over the world, including Finland, Japan, Morocco and Italy amongst many others. You definitely feel the travel bug when you read her travel posts with their stunningly captured landscapes and reviews of various local restaurants. Alongside travel posts, she's a beauty, fashion and foodie blogger as well as a talented photographer. I love browsing through the archives of her oldest posts, they're fascinating to see how much she's grown in a few years.

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