Tuesday, 6 June 2017

My Mascara Collection

Hello again! I thought I would follow on from my series about my Perfume Collection with other aspects of my make up and accessory collection. Over the past few years I've literally bought so many different mascaras, it's so difficult to find the perfect mascara. I like to have super long, volumised and thick eyelashes; as I don't like to wear fake eyelashes I do tend to like the thick, spidery look. To achieve this, I apply a ridiculous amount of mascara; on occasion I've known myself to apply over 3 different mascaras to get the desired look. I often purchase the 'very black' shade too as I like my lashes to really pop. I don't use eyelash curlers, but I do use curling mascaras whenever necessary. I think the main reason I don't like wearing fake lashes is I may have an allergy to the glue, so mascara is a huge must for me! Many of the mascaras that I've finished have gone in the bin so the ones pictured below as those that I'm using on rotation currently.


In the photograph above are one of my favourite ever mascaras and one of my least favourite. The Bourjois Volume One Seconde mascara in the shade black is literally like the holy grail of mascaras for me. Priced at £9.99, it is one of the more expensive mascaras that are available from the drugstore, but it's worth every penny. I've always had compliments on my lashes whenever I wear this mascara as it's super black, dramatic, lengthening and thickening. I've even been asked what lashes I'm wearing, so that's a sign of an amazing mascara. I love this mascara so much I've repurchased it around four times, it'll always be one in my make up bag. In fact, I've often raved about it in my favourites posts month after month on the blog! However, the Rimmel ScandalEyes Xxtreme mascara in the shade extreme black is one of my most hated mascaras ever! I just can't make it work for me and for £6.99, I did have high hopes as the word 'extreme' definitely persuaded me to buy it as it suggested that it would be a super dramatic and satisfyingly stand out lash effect. Sadly, I've found this mascara to be clumpy and too wet, sticking my lashes together in a mess. It's not the kind of mascara that's buildable in coats either as it just makes the lashes wetter and wetter, which is a shame. I was actually disappointed as I really like Rimmel products a lot.


Both of the mascaras in the photograph above are by L'OrĂ©al Paris; actually they're not only the same brand but also a really similar design and concept. I was tempted to try these mascaras by the amount of good reviews they had. The Volume Million Lashes So Couture has a lovely brush; it's a delicate brush that not only is very ease to use, but it also allows me to get right to the roots of even my smallest lashes by my inner corners. It's a buildable mascara, I can use it for every day or a night out but the amount of layers I apply. I've found this mascara to be very lengthening and because of the delicate brush it adds Volume without clumping the lashes together. It gives the impression that I have really curly, fan-like lashes and I love the effect a lot; definitely a dramatic look once built up a little! The second mascara is the Volume Million Lashes Feline which has a lovely shaped brush; it's curved and extremely delicate so fits well against my eye shape when I'm applying it. It glides on the Lashes but I would say this is more of an everyday mascara, it's not as dramatic as the So Couture version, although it's equally great in terms of the formula. Both mascaras cost £10.99 so they're fairly pricey for drugstore mascaras but they're worth it as they do last all day without reapplication which saves on product overuse. 


If I'm honest, one brand that I can almost guarantee I could always find an amazing mascara from is Maybelline; every one that I've used over the years has worked really well for me. Two of these mascaras are actually the same one but in different shades. The Colossal Volum' Express in both black and 100% black. I prefer 100% black just because I really love the dramatic effect that the incredibly dark lashes have against my pale skin. One of the main reason that I love this mascara to the point that I don't even remember how many times I've repurchased it in the last 5+ years is the soft fiver brush; it feels very gentle to apply and it builds up to a really clump-free, volumises and separates lashes effortlessly. Reasonably priced at £6.99, it really is a classic and a must have addition to my make up bag. The Volum' Rocket Express mascara is one of my all time favourite mascaras and was a surprise purchase. I bought it on a whim as part of a 3-for-2 offer in Superdrug and have no regrets. It's honestly one of the best mascaras that I've ever used, especially for the bargainous price of £7.99. The brush is plastic and overly large, but it grabs every little lash, separates, lengthens and thickens to a ridiculously curly, fanned out lash look. I love it, I feel like I've got falsies on when in reality it's my own lashes. However I would recommend the waterproof as it does smudge a little otherwise. What mascaras do you guys love or hate? Let me know in the comments!


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