Sunday, 25 June 2017

Favourite YouTubers #6

Hello again; I guess you could call this post one of my standard monthly favourites posts, because I have to admit... I do like having my posts nicely ordered into catagories. I'm not a YouTuber, I would say I'm far too awkward to be as I prefer just sitting and writing instead (explains why I blog haha). However, I don't know what I would do without YouTube in the sense that my make up techniques have improved so much since I started watching YouTube more regularly. Below are a list of four (quite different!) channels that I've been loving throughout June for various reasons that I'll be explaining in more detail. Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts, as I enjoy writing them (and reading similar posts). Feel free to pop a comment below and see you again soon!



I actually subscribed to Jasmin's channel this month, when she filmed some videos in collaboration with sophielouisebeauty and sophdoesnails whose channels I really enjoy. One of the reasons that I decided to subscribe is that I like that she doesn't take herself too seriously; many of her videos are testing or DIYs with hilarious results, for example making slime, unicorn frappuccinos and other foodie/baking tests. Jazz comes across as really down to earth, with Primark and BooHoo hauls, baking tutorials and wishlists for birthdays and Christmas. I'll admit, I've been binge watching her channel every since I discovered it; her voice is so unusual and she sounds so nice to listen to, regardless of what she's talking about. Her tag videos, such as the boyfriend tag and juicy Q&As are fairly eye opening and fun to watch - they're quite addictive!



I know I've mentioned Rhiannon fairly regularly in this catagory, but there's just something lovely about watching her family develop. It's so strange to see someone the same age as me with a child, but I feel like she's quite honest about how difficult motherhood can be, as well as how challenging it is to adapt to a new time in your life. Her last vlog was actually so useful; I actually downloaded the period tracking app that she recommended and it's been fantastic; that's what I really love about social media, it can genuinely benefit your life in lots of little ways. As a woman, this app is a lifesaver! Her blogs aren't necessarily the most eventful, but I like that; it's so interesting watching another persons day to day life. I've been watching Rhiannon for about 4 years and it's amazing seeing how much she's matured since starting her family. Delilah is also very cute to watch!



I began watching Emma because of her many collaborations with sophdoesnails; I'm surprised that she doesn't have more subscribers as she's got some out of the box ideas, such as YouTube made me buy it (fashion edition), GRMW (various looks), Makeup under £5 and some amazing 'Doppelgänger' for  various celebrities, such as Alicia Silverstone. The main reason why I've been watching so many of her videos this month is that her make up tutorials are super easy to follow and most drugstore brands, which I like because I am on a budget 99% of the time. Her opinions come across as honest regardless of how much the make up products cost and she doesn't shout at the camera, it's like listening to a friend.



First of all, I adore her accent! It reminds me of a relative who lives in a similar area, so I automatically liked her videos as her voice is so relaxing for me. For someone who studies at university alongside YouTube, she posts regularly; her videos often include clothing and make up hauls, skin and make up routines, GRWM (make up and fashion) and also lots of little tips for every day, such as different hairstyles and life advice. It's nice to see a YouTuber that encourages younger audiences to study and Kaitlin has a variety of study tip related videos. I actually subscribed because I really like her make up techniques and her travel diaries; she always looks flawless regardless of the weather!


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