Friday, 12 May 2017

MOTD - Natural and Glowy


This make up look is one that I wore to spend the weekend with boyfriend; as I get older I'm slowly starting to be ok with how I look sans make up, but if I'm going out I do prefer to wear make up as I will admit that it boosts my confidence a little. At the minute I'm loving glowy skin with nude lips and a strong brow. Considering I wear make up roughly once a week, I own so many different make up products it's a joke! Starting with my base, firstly I prime my skin using the Baby Skin Pore Eraser by Maybelline to create smooth, silky skin that will let make up stay on all day. I also use the Hide The Blemish by Rimmel concealer crayon in the shade ivory to cover under my eyes only. Next, I use the Lasting Finish Foundation by Rimmel in the shade ivory and literally cover all of my face with it; this foundation has fantastic coverage but it's slightly too dark for me before powder. That said, it feels smooth and light on the skin even with it being full coverage. I then use a second concealer, the Eraser Eye Age Rewind by Maybelline in the shade Light and spread in the triangular shapes under my eyes as well blend into the blemishes around my nose and my eyelids. The final step in creating my base is to use the Matte Maker Mattifying Powder in the shade ivory which is the perfect shade for my pale skin. I bake the concealer in before brushing all over my skin to create a flawless finish.

At the moment I've been practising how to contour; to do this I've been using the Kate Moss Sculpting Palette by a Rimmel in the shade #002 Peach Glow. I start by using the bronzer, brushing it into my cheek bones before using the blush from the palette, lightly dusting it into the apples of my cheeks. From there, I use the Makeup Brow Kit by Sleek in the shade light and shape my brows using the powder from the palette and setting my brows using the wax. I then like to colour my eyelids with eyeshadow using the Rose 2 Colour Riche Eyeshadow Palette by L'Oreal. For this look used three different shades; a matte pink all over the lid and in my crease, a shimmery rose shade in my inner corners and start of my eyes before finishing with a shimmery purple across the outer corners of my eyes. This shimmery eye look is one that I would save for special occasions, but I have to be honest and say I wish I hadn't used the purple as it didn't blend particularly well.

With practice, I'm slowly learning how to use highlighter in a more natural way, rather than simply layering and caking it on. I used the Vivd Baked Highlighter by MakeUp Revolution in the shade Ever Glow Lights and gently brushed it across the top of my blush, on my brow bone and across my Cupid's bow. (Putting highlighter on my nose doesn't look nice so I leave it to the cheekbones). After applying highlighter across my face I then use The Volum' Rocket Express by Maybelline mascara on my top and bottom lashes in the shade Very Black; I like to have very curled, separated lashes and the dark shades makes my eyes look wide without the need of eyeliner. Lastly, I used the Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX in the shade London on my lips; I'm in absolute love with this lipstick, the shade is nude but classic which fits this overall look. When I wear make up I'm starting to really like the less is more approach but at the same time, I do love make up. What looks are you guys loving? Let me know in the comments! :)


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