Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May Moodboard

Hello again! I'm actually excited that it's May (already?!) as for me, the month of may means the start of nicer weather and the obvious fact that summer is just around the corner. I like the days being longer and seeing the sun more reguarly than in April; last month I started a new blog series of moodboards, inspired by the blogger Rebecca from aclotheshorse - I would fully recommend taking a peek at her blog as it is flawless! This month I'm loving images of cameras, girly fashion, pretty shoes, gorgeous hair and lovely landscape views. Quick little disclaimer; I'm not in any way suggesting that any of these images are mine. They were all found from a google image search using keywords, for example 'lbloggers', 'fbloggers', 'flowing hair' (I'm sure you've go the idea!) and represent the kind of images that with time, I would like to create for my own blog. I love the idea of creating these monthly moodboards as it makes me feel as though I have a focus; if I know what I like to see, why not emulate this style of photography? My blog is definitely random, it covers a lot of topics and so by laying out the kind of things I like it's encouraging me to improve my photographic and blogging styles. Are any of you finding inspiration from other bloggers and the world around us? Let me know in the comments!





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