Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Favourite Blogs #10

Hello again; every month I enjoy discovering new blogs and rediscovering some old favourites. It's a fantastic way to find inspiration and get to know other people. There's something nice about getting to know a person through their likes and dislikes - blogging is a positive way to find out what you like and dislike. At the minute I've been reading a lot of blogs, through twitter and instagram, I like finding out about new blog posts, new bloggers and getting some honest reviews on a variety of things. Bloggers are usually honest, far more relatable than print in a magazine and they also cater for people like me; if I want to know about a make up product for someone with pale skin, I'll look out for a blogger that fits that category. There's definitely a blogger available for anyone, if you look hard enough. I'm loving twitter as way of communicating with other bloggers, and it's an easy way of clicking on blog post that takes your fancy. To have a look at any of the blogs below, just click on the blog URL and it'll direct you straight across!

Elizabeth's blog is ultra feminine and undeniably pretty; the soft pastels, natural make up looks and whimsical, pretty photographs of countries such as Italy, it's definitely a dreamy blog. I've been reading this blog for a while now as I love the layout and the romantic theme; there are make up reviews from brands like Benefit and Too Faced, which is lovely as they're quite expensive so it's nice to see honest reviews on them. She's also a fashionista, with many blog posts focussing on outfit choices and what she's listing after from the shops at the moment. There are also some cute little snippets of her young child; he's got a lovely little face and it's crazy seeing how quickly they grow! I also like her book reviews, she's got a classic style in all areas of her life.


I actually found Abby through her twitter page; ever since then I've really been loving her blog! Although I've been to Paris myself, her photography and posts just capture a magic about the city that I've never managed to see. Alongside her Paris posts, there are also fashion, beauty and travel based blog posts; my favourite of these are the definitely the travel posts. She has a way of capturing the parts of the world that most of us overlook. I've always wanted to visit Budapest and her post on the city has definitely encouraged me to make a trip sometime as it looks incredible! I'm a sucker for beautiful architecture and you'll love this blog if you also adore architecture, particularly those in Europe.


Another blogger that I've discovered from my new love affair with twitter; I fell in love with her blog instantly. The layout is simple and pleasing to the eye that it's just a lovely read. She's a blogger who covers a variety of topics such as beauty, travel, lifestyle and fashion. I admire her honestly, particularly when it comes to mental health topics such as anxiety. She's open with her readers, addressing her life regrets and also posting some honest reviews on a variety of things including films but mostly make up products. I like that she reviews mostly drugstore items as that's more realistic for my budget, so I was excited to read her posts on some MakeUp Revolution items as I do like to know if something is worth it prior to buying. Plus, I really loved her 'Dear Friends', it said so much about how she great she clearly is as a friend! 


I originally found Eleanor's blog through her instagram page; I really like how she covers so many different topics such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle and feminism amongst many others. As a sufferer of mental health myself, it was so reassuring to see her share her own mental health story; it's fantastic that blogging has become an outlet for these kinds of issues. It was a great way to remember that you're never alone. Her taste in books is also great, as an avid reader myself I do love a good book review! Anyone who blogs about Harry Potter is always going to be onto a winner with me, as it was basically my whole childhood. Regardless of all of these things, her blog layout is also simple but effective as it's so easy to follow. The blog headings allow you to pick what posts you feel like delving into, which is very helpful.


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