Friday, 7 April 2017

Life Update // POSITIVITY


Spring has most definitely sprung and I do feel like better weather generally equals a better frame of mind; ever since I was little I've loved seeing the beauty of spring, how nature suddenly develops and blooms. I'm doing my absolute best to continue blogging as much as I can as I do really love it, it's definitely giving me something positive to focus on. I've had a bit of a relapse in terms of my mental health recently and so at the minute I'm focussing on what I enjoy; I really enjoy blogging. I blog for myself, because I love writing and I love photography. I studied a creative arts degree and so this blog is such a fantastic way to utilise my creative side within my everyday life. I like sharing my images, my interests and ultimately myself with whoever reads my blog.

In terms of blogging, I've actually made a fairly big step in terms of my blogging journey! I actually have an official domain now, which I'm actually really excited for as this now means that all of my social networking matches using the apearlydream branding. I may not have the most page views ever, but actually I'm not fussed; I want to constantly improve my content and enjoy getting more involved in the blogging community. I'm proud of how far my blog has come in the last few months and having a domain name really reflects how happy I am with where I'm currently at with my blog. Right now, I do feel more settled within my everyday life and I'm enjoying having a new job which is helping me learn more about myself and challenging me in a positive way. 

Throughout this month I'm planning to explore more of London and capture what I see; I used to carry a camera everywhere when I was younger and I definitely used to find beauty in the most unexpected of places. I want to refind that determination to be constantly creative and look for the interesting within the everyday. I've been actively trying to get more involved within the blogging community, taking inspiration, liking and commenting on posts which has given me so many ideas to move forward with. April feels like it will be a good month.


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