Monday, 24 April 2017

Happy Things #17


1. I'm looking forward to the end of the week as it's my birthday as well as my weekend off. I'm planning to spend some time with my boyfriend, best friend and my family throughout the weekend, which will be nice.

2. I'm excited about only working three days this week, it makes the week feel so short compared to how the last few weeks have felt for me. In fact having five days feels like a mini holiday. I'm hoping to spend some time exploring the city.

3. I honestly can't believe that I've aged another year already, I have no idea how it's disappeared so fast; but here's to having a much better start to this year than last year was for me. I'm now looking towards what I want to achieve for the coming year.

4. I still haven't sorted out my gym membership so I'm literally planning to force myself to do that tomorrow and start making the effort to be happier, even if it means forcing myself to find the time to actually go to some classes like yoga or ballet.

5. I really want to keep up with my blog and try my best to improve my content and overall blog photography. I'm feeling so inspired by other bloggers and I'm planning to see through this hobby and continue enjoying getting more involved within the blogging community.


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