Saturday, 15 April 2017

Favourite YouTubers #4

Hello again, it feels like April is rapidly disappearing. I feel like as I get older, weeks and months slip away from me and I barely even notice... Is that bad? Oops. Over the past six months or so, I've started to really enjoy watching YouTube videos, although for me I don't think I've ever want to start a channel; I definitely prefer the format of blogging. I like watching YouTube usually when I'm in bed, having a relax before going to sleep. I tend flick through my subscriptions first, before looking through similar videos that I might like. I do prefer beauty and lifestyle videos, but recently I've started to really enjoy vlogs and seeing everyday life. Maybe I'm just nosy? Either way, vlogs have definitely become my go-to viewing lately.


Jessie B

I found Jessie's channel very recently, through a suggested video; I absolutely love her accent (Irish accents are always awesome) and I like her down to earth, I'm not little miss perfect vibe. Her channel is still quite new, but I like how she's becoming more confident and getting her viewers involved by asking for Q&A questions and replying to comments often. She's actually incredibly pretty, but doesn't seem vain; her make up videos are always funny but also not too out there; the make up looks that Jessie creates are wearable for everyday. The main reason that I enjoy watching her is that she doesn't feel fake, she's easy to relate to as she's a young, excitable teen who is working out what she wants from her life.


Roxxsaurus - RoxxsaurusVlogs

I've been loving Roxi's vlogs for the last month or so, I really like how she shows her everyday life, from decorating her house, styling outfits, buying furniture or going for a meal it all feels real and like you're getting to know the person behind her YouTube channel. I even watched her videos with my boyfriend as they're both Polish so visiting Poland vlogs were super interesting for us to watch. I've also been watching her main channel videos a lot as I like how she posts easy to follow hair and make up tutorials on long hair and pale skin. She comes across as being a normal girl and it's nice to see that she has friends not involved in YouTube and shows them in videos too.



One of the reasons why I like Lucy's channel is that she has a very educated, very structured point of view but isn't afraid to talk about a variety of topics. The first video that I saw of hers was one about struggling with alcohol; I agree that controversial topics are extremely difficult to talk about, mostly because there's often a massive backlash with many people questioning authenticity and likeability. I like watching Lucy's videos as she's incredibly articulate; she makes me think about life and achieving and makes fairly sensible statements. Whether we as viewers, like or not, the YouTube generation are role models, in both good and bad ways. I enjoy watching Lucy because she's so perfectly imperfect, which translates well into videos, there is definitely less of a pressure to fit into that perfect mold when watching her.



Sophie comes across as super down to earth and is constantly giggling, which I like as I feel relaxed whenever I watch her make up tutorials. Her make up looks are always lovely, but I enjoy seeing her make mistakes, laugh it off and somehow still make the look work. For me personally, I like it because it's a comfort seeing that not everyone is fantastic at make up but it's also good to try. She's also relatable in the sense that she often posts Primark hauls, uses drugstore make up and seems to be really honest about not only herself but her likes and dislikes. I like watching her pamper, night and day routines as they don't feel fake, they feel believable. She's genuinely nice to watch as she's always really chatty and in a good mood.


RhiannonAshlee - RhiannonAshleeVlogs

I've been watching Rhiannon for literally years, ever since she was fashionrocksmysocks and I've always loved her style. It's mad to think that we're the same age and that she's a mother, but I honestly love her vlogs so much. She definitely shows the difficult side of being a parent for the first time, but she also shows some of the loveliest things that Delilah does too. She's not one of the most fancy YouTubers as she doesn't have millions of subscribers but I feel like she's one of the more honest vloggers and I do really like how laid back her vlogs are; if she's not doing much she still vlogs and it's nice to see a normal person with a normal life. It's so strange to see people grow up through the internet!


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