Sunday, 30 April 2017

A month in instagram #10

Hello again; one of my favourite things to do every month is look through all of the photographs that I've taken and shared throughout the month. April is always a nice month for me as I love chocolate so Easter is always a good time of the year, but this year I spent the first few days of the month in Poland with my boyfriend, which was an automatically amazing start to the month as being on holiday always guarantees a good mood. One sad part to the month was one of my cats dying (she was thirteen) so I found some kitten photos of her to remind me how much time we spent together over the years. April is also my birthday month so if I'm honest I am usually a bit naughty food-wise during April; e.g. I seem to have a lot of treats, oops. I spent a lot of time during April exploring the world, both in Poland and in England and I honestly feel like the world is beautiful now. I want to see so many things, discover and photograph so many different places. I love Spring as a season and I've enjoyed spending a lot more time outside, enjoying views and seeing nature at its best. April for me represents the start of summer, the hope of nice weather and spending time with friends and family as the year starts to suddenly disappear as soon as April comes and goes. I'm excited for summer, I'm looking forward to many more memories being made and always enjoy sharing snippets of my life; blogging definitely pushes me to keep on the positive side of life!





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