Sunday, 12 March 2017

Things I hate about Adulthood!


1. The older I become, the more distanced I feel from the person I was in my teens. If I'm honest, I'm 23 now so my teens were not that long ago, but I feel like I've changed so much even in the past year. People that I was close to when we were around 15. Or perhaps younger I feel we have nothing in common now. I don't have an issue with growing older or growing as a person, but I wish that I'd kept up some friendships I had from earlier days.

2. Somehow, everything is about money. You need money for everything and even if you're earning a decent wage, it's never enough. The goal of owning my own home is definitely years and years away and it only feels possible due to having a steady partner. There's so much negativity surrounding the whole 'generation rent' tag, when the true is you need a ridiculously high deposit which isn't possible for all of us. For example, you need to pay for yourself in every way; phone contract, travel costs, food... So many things you never realised cost so much until you worked for a living!

3. People who knew you as a child always look surprised that you're managing to survive as an adult; only the other day an elderly family friend was amazed that I have a proper, tax paying, student loan paying 'real' job and a degree under my belt. I was even more annoyed because you can have a fanstasic job even without a degree or other things; it's all about passion and experience in the job world right now. A lot of people always assume that I'm not very clever, when actually I just don't enjoy bragging about how good I could be at different things, I find it rude and bad taste to be honest.

4. The insane pressure of being a twenty something; the whole world seems to expect you to achieve either everything or nothing, which is super daunting. The true is, yeah I have goals - I'm sure the majority of people my age have some kind of goal, but no idea how to get on track with making the said goal a reality. It's ok not to have a clue, but for some reason it feels like the world has an expectation that you have to be mature, confident and constantly successful to be an achiever. I class getting to work on time an achievement for me, oops.

5. The expectation that your younger self had about being an adult; you would grow up and have the perfect job, career, and life. You thought you would sleep 8 hours a night, own your own house, eat the most amazing food, buy the best clothes, go to the gym and have the most amazing bod, an incredible social life... The list goes on and in reality you cannot have it all, it is impossible. Which is depressing as even as an adult, you wish for that dream to come true.

6. Looking younger than your age; I often pass for a 19 year old. Everyone treats me like a child whilst expecting me to function as an adult. That is the most frustrating thing... The most irritating part is that age is just a number. You can be a 40 year old child and an 18 year old adult. It's all about your mental state and attitude to the outcome of life, not the year you were born!

7. The word 'adulting'; maybe I'm just being incredibly passé about it, considering it has become a kind of movement within lost late teens or early twenty-somethings who are obsessed with being #relatable or #millenial but for me, I know that's it's not a word. At the end of the day, it's adulthood and it's something we all have to do. It's not a new phenomena, it's a part of life, one that no one likes. Adulting isn't a new thing, it's just a new word - a rather useless one at that.

8. Paying a massive amount of tax... It feels as though everything has some kind of tax placed on it and as you get older you learn that nothin in life is free and that is such a depressing moment. Student loan, income tax, council tax, national insurance; it feels literally never ending and all you do is dream about what you could be doing with that money instead, oops.

9. Once you've left education, being ill isn't so fun anymore; you have to learn to force yourself to get into work unless you're actually dying because everyone in the world will hate you for being a massive pain.

10. Having to be polite, even when you hate someone with a passion. You can't be a bitch as you grow older, because it will eventually come back to haunt you. Sometimes you want to feel young and free again by writing swearing stuff all over social media, but ultimately that won't end well. Friends, family and workmates won't think highly of you and you just end up embarrassed but it's just so hard to learn to be nice!


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