Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Solina Lake, Poland

So far, during this holiday my boyfriend has honestly taken me to the most beautiful places; growing up Poland was never high on my list of places to visit, I'll admit but having seen places that I'd hadn't even heard of my mind has definitely changed. I want to see so many more things that I'd never thought of before now... He drove us to Lake Solina which is surrounded by the Bieszczady mountain range. Piotr actually visited with his family in the summer of last year and he sent me some postcards of the views then and I do remember thinking I'd love to see it for myself one day. Well, somehow he knows me so well that he took me during this trip. It's not a natural river, it was created during the construction of the Solina Dam in 1968. It's actually the largest artificial lake in Poland and is home to some beautiful mountain scenery. We visited when it was out of season so it was more or less dead, with barely any stalls open, which was a good and a bad thing. It was lovely to have the place empty and ready to explore, but it was a shame to not use a cafe and get the whole experience. The water was a lovely clear blue and seemed to stretch on forever, surrounded my nature.




We've been lucky enough to have some gorgeous weather since we arrived, which for late march is simply amazing. Piotr attempted to show me how to bounce stones across the water but was completely unsuccessful... I'm too clumsy and not gentle enough to manage it, I literally throw a pebble and it goes smash into the water, oops. I loved simply walking around and enjoying the views and his company. It's so easy to feel positive about life when you're surrounded by views like these; it was so peaceful, calm, clean and clear. I've always liked nature, but it's very different to experience nature in places you've never been to before. Solina Lake has well and truly captured my heart, I'm dreaming of the day I can return and rediscover it's beauty alongside Piotr. It's a strange experience seeing everyone look confused as you speak in English, but I like it too as it's so nice to experience different cultures, including languages. I've definitely fallen in love with Poland 💗


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