Friday, 31 March 2017

March Favourites!

Hello again (yay it's Friday!) I'm literally packing in all of the March posts today, all ready for the new month as I hate spilling over into the next month when mi could be focussing on new posts instead, so I apologise if it feels like there is suddenly millions of posts to sift through. During the month of March I've been loving having more mild weather, having brighter skies really makes my mood that little bit better. Having a perpetual calendar has been amazing as it allows me to keep track of the days and organise my life a little bit better; I feel like ever since I started blogging I never seem to have enough time to fit in everything that I would like to do, so I'm learning the hard way how important it is to plan my life. In terms of perfume, I have been loving (as always) the Marc Jacobs Daisy line of perfumes as not only do they smell beautifully springlike and floral, they're also incredible to look at and look beautiful in any blog worthy photograph. I'm much happier with the quality of the photographs that I'm currently producing for this blog, although I still want to improve my photography in so many ways. During March I've really and truly fallen in love with highlighter products, thanks to watching what feels like millions of YouTube videos by sophdoesnails on how to actually use highlight properly. My favourite palette is definitely Sleek Midas Touch as not only is it beautifully pigmented, it suits my pale skin perfectly as the shades are also pale. I've massively improved my make up skills in the last year or so and my favourite brushes to use are the Real Techniques sets as they're so soft and blend well into my skin without creating any harsh lines. 




As a Londoner, I cannot live without my Oyster card blue to get from A to B; when I was younger I used to collect different editions and my favourite is the tube 150 years version. That being said, I also cannot live without my iPod whenever I'm on the move as I love to listen to my favourite songs whilst on the go. I use an old 2nd generation nano but honestly it just works, it does the job and saves the battery on my phone. I love the scent Valentina Acqua Floreale as it always reminds me of my boyfriend, who bought it for me, as well as the Ted Baker Skinwear perfume of his that I bought him. He wears it so much and it smells so lovely, I love it. Lastly, I love collecting different cameras and always have done, so naturally my instal mini 8 will be a lifelong favourite of mine and it's a lovely shade of pink. I actually bought the blue version for my godson for his birthday so it's a great present for someone of any age. I use the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche eyeshadow palette in the shades Rose 2 as the shades are so delicate and work so well when swept across my lids for everyday as I have really veiny eyelids and I feel like these shadows are fairly natural looking, I don't look overdone. What have you guys been loving this month? Let me know :)


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