Monday, 6 March 2017

Happy Things #10


1. Last week I actually took the plunge and decided to sign up for a gym membership. I'm excited to start getting more healthy as I don't feel happy with myself right now. As Piotr said, I alone have the power to change that, so I need to focus. This week is going to be the start of said focus.

2. During this week I want to try and improve my eating habits. I've been eating whatever I like, whenever I like with minimal exercise now that I've changed my job. I'm going to try and eat more fruit and vegetables rather than some of the more unhealthy foods that I do prefer.

3. Piotr and I have the same day off this week, so I'm planning to treasure the time we get to spend together. I have no idea how we will spend the time, but I'd like to make it special, somehow.

4. During the past month I've been struggling to keep positive, I want to try and keep on top of this and push my mind to reignite the positive frame of mind I had during January. It's already March, which means I need to keep reminding myself that time doesn't stop for anyone, I need to keep positive to create a life I love.

5. I want to keep up my new love of blogging and enjoy getting more involved with the blogging community. I would absolutely love to meet, or at least talk to some bloggers with some similar interests to me; photography, reading and beauty.


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