Sunday, 5 March 2017

Favourite YouTubers #3

Hello again; it feels crazy to think that it's MARCH ALREADY?! I literally cannot believe that we're three months in 2017 when it feels like yesterday that I was celebrating the start of the new year. So much has happened since 2017 began and that's probably why I haven't even noticed the time slipping away. For the past couple of months I've enjoyed talking about YouTubers that have caught my attention and I've genuinely enjoyed watching. If I'm honest, I tend to watch YouTube in the evenings, before I go to bed or whilst I'm in bed to rest my brain before sleep. I've found that when I'm busy before bed, watching or reading something I tend to relax into sleep much better.


Roxxsaurus - RoxxsaurusVlogs

She has a massively established channel, but I only subscribed and started watching her recently. This is going to sound really strange, but I think that one of the reasons why I like her videos so much is that I find her voice so relaxing; she's Polish and her accent is really lovely to me. (Most likely because I'm used to polish accents and the Polish language - my boyfriend is Polish). Aside from that, I like her enthusiasm for various products and I genuinely like her personal style. As I have long hair too, the hair styling tutorials are definitely my favourite videos of hers as they're incredibly easy to follow. Plus she's got some amazing DIYs such as how to stage your own Harry Potter themed party! Which as a massive Potterhead, that is my kind of party.


Lucy Flight

I really like how involved Lucy's family are in her YouTube videos; her dad in particular is massively hilarious. Alongside that, she also uploads videos of her sister singing covers, which is nice. Overall her channel is mostly beauty related with so many videos testing out different make up brands and hauls from places like Primark and Lush, as well as make up looks inspired by famous faces such as Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively. I love her accent, too and it's nice to see YouTubers from around the UK, like Lucy being from Scotland. She also uploads so often, which is great when you want to watch a lot of new uploads. She doesn't have millions of subscribers which surprises me as she does produce good content; she's definitely one to watch.


musicalbethan - justbefon - acousticbethan

Bethan has been a part of the YouTube hype for a long time but I find that she still comes across as a girl next door; particularly as the majority of her videos are music and singing related, it's nice to see the platform being used to successfully showcase talent. However, alongside her musically based videos she actually talks about some more serious issues, for example sex, health problems (more specifically female productive organs) and just generally talks about subjects that will encourage people of any age to get more involved to care about their health. It's lovely to listen to someone with a fairly large following acknowledge that life is not always smooth sailing and give good, honest advice on subjects that aren't often talked about on social media platforms.



I've been watching Rosie for a couple of months now and I really like her effortless, flawless videos. As I have very pale skin too, I often appreciate seeing what products she's using at the moment, particularly foundations and contour products. She's currently at university and even her university room looks incredible, she has some really lovely tastes. I like that she has just one channel which also includes blogs as for me, that makes it easier to find a variety of different videos to watch as I enjoy listening to her voice, strange as that probably sounds. I like her personal style too and she often posts haul videos relating to homeware, skincare and clothing which are usually fairly well priced for someone like me who is on a budget.



I've been watching Victoria ever since finding her tattoos and piercings video several months ago. In all honesty she's probably not as relatable as some other YouTubers as she clearly has a lot of money; her taste is definitely more high end than high street, but I do still like her. Not only is her northern accent sweet, I also like that she's open and honest about how much her items cost and she addresses whether or not the items were actually worth the money, which is also useful; especially if you're planning to splurge on a big purchase. She focusses a lot on products that she loves alongside lookbooks and talks a lot about hair and the upkeep of dying your hair. Considering how much money she spends, I always enjoy watching her videos. Particularly the videos that compare high end with drugstore make up dupes, as I'm a drugstore make up girl myself.


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