Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Favourite Instagrammers #9

Every month I feel like I use instagram more and more; it's pretty addictive once you've got more into it and over the last six months or so I've definitely been using it more regularly. It's almost like free advertising for so many different brands and individuals. Bloggers are using the app all the time and I've found it to be an excellent way to network and get more involved within the blogging community as there are so many bloggers around if you look. At the minute I'm loving very lifestyle based instagram feeds, whether that's food, hobbies or travel. There's definitely a way of producing the perfect insta pic and for me personally it does seem that instagram is becoming like a business. There seems to be so much pressure to be successful and have the largest amount of followers possible, which is a bit of shame. But with that said, I love the creative side of the app being so visual.



As her instagram name suggests, Sophie is using the app as a platform to showcase her blog to the world. The reason that I started following her feed is that I liked how she doesn't have an obvious theme. Her photographs are really nicely taken whilst feeling genuinely like you're getting to know the person, not just a brand. She may not have a ridiculous amount of followers but each post is definitely quality. She posts a lot of beauty and foodie items, so she's a must follow if you like doughnuts or chocolately covered desserts. I get food cravings for all kinds of bad things from her feed!



Another blogger that I began following fairly recently, I like to follow instagram feeds that feel realistic; as though the poster really enjoys what they're doing and are passionate about sharing a portion of their life with a viewer. Helena's posts incorporate what she's doing at the moment, what she's enjoyed within her life. Whether that's travelling to places such as Camden and Covent Garden or indulging in the beauties of spring beginning. I just feel like she's enjoying her life and that really translates well through the photographs she posts, especially without a rigid perfect, theme.



I adore Ella's minimalistic style of photography, especially pared with her brief, but cleverly describtive captions. Alongside this, many of her posts have a lovely wellbeing view on life, for example 'it's ok not to be ok'. I love seeing that kind of post pop through my feed as it's a great little reminder that no one has the perfect life. Each of her photographs are what I would call perfect for instagram, but in a very creative way. All the focus is on expressing creativity and that's why I find her feed so beautiful.



I absolutely love her feed, most likely because it looks so lovely to see some gorgeously sunny views of Spanish architecture now that spring has arrived. Although that said, there is some amazing photographs of various parts of the world but in such an artistic and creative way. I'm in love with the way she uses light (or lack of it) to draw the eye into the lovely views falling into the skies behind her. Where she lives in Spain looks absolutely dreamy, as does her Welsh hometown!



Ellie has such a lovely feed; I love the array of flatlays and beauty items to look at in each photograph. I'm a massive beauty lover and her feed is a dream with its close ups of eyeshadow palettes, lipstick swatches and perfume bottles. I feel like her cute little scattering of sequins and flower petals is a really nice technique to ensure that all of the photos have something in common in some way; I love her taste in products to like nail varnish and make up brushes and so her feed is generally lovely to view.


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