Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Favourite Blogs #8

Hello again! I've found that I stress out a little before I write a blogpost. I always overanalyse whether anyone bothers to read my blog, if I'm basically writing something to myself. I worry that there are so many bloggers everywhere now, how could my little corner of the internet possibly be of any interest to anyone? Over the last few years I have definitely realised that I'm very hard on myself. The reason I like blogging is that I like writing and taking photographs; since leaving university and working a lot it's become a means to express myself creatively, which is why I love it so much. However I also love reading other people's blogs; they're a fantastic way to gain inspiration and also understand other opinions about life, beauty products, mental health... There are as many themes for blogs as there are bloggers and I've found that every month I discover a new blog that I enjoy.



Lauren's blog is literally amazing if you're into food, girlie things and interior design; I love how she keeps it real and posts about living with a chronic illness as well as being really honest about how she built up her blog and instagram following. As a new blogger, it was really lovely and helpful to read about how she edits her instagram and blog photos, as well as an honest post about what really goes on behind the scenes of the perfect instagram photograph. Her blog is so polished and is like a dream with the colourscheme of pink and white and endless posts on make up. As she's got really lovely taste in Make Up, I honestly trust all of her recommendations as I feel like she only posts something that she really likes, which I think is great in a blogger.


At the minute I'm really enjoying looking at established blogs alongside new blogs; Abbie's blog is more in between those two. Her posts often contains beauty, fashion and liftesyle as the content but my personal favourites are her beauty posts. Her make up collection is one to be desired and I've been loving the posts where she clearly swatches out different lipstick shades and types from matte mac ones to nyx liquid lip creams as she has a similar skin tone to mine. I also like how she directly talks about different trends, such as the 90s beauty trend of brown lipstick as it shows she actually knows what she's writing about and has taken the time to find out about a topic. I feel like she only writes about subjects that she feels confident about, which is something that inspires me.


I would describe Sophie's blog as being a primarily fashion based, which is different for me as I usually prefer beauty blogs. That said, I really like how she mixes her travels with her outfit posts. She's a new blogger too, which is always nice to see as I enjoy watching blogs develop from small followings to larger followings. Her outfits are effortless but classic, her sense of style is great and I like how her photographs don't look overdone; they're more like street style snaps which is nice as it feels like she's taking you on a journey of what she wore throughout the day. Her most recent post touches on what trends are expected for spring and summer, which is a nice reminder that nice weather is just around the corner (hopefully)!


Another smaller blog that I've been loving this month is more of a travel and food related blog. Gwawr is a trained chef so her baked goodies look simply delicious. What I love about her blog is that it's not all about the views, or who is reading. It's literally like a visual diary and I personally find that both refreshing and inspiring. As someone who has grown up in London, I enjoy seeing others who show their hometowns, and Wales always looks so beautifully rural; many of Gwawr's posts feature her native Wales and she discusses how no one appreciates where they are from until they've been somewhere far away for a while. She definitely deserves much more attention than her stats suggest she does.


Amy's blog about her family is lovely. It's not the typical family goals life as her eldest child is chronically ill and often they're out and about the hospital; yes I do think that is absolutely horrible but at the same time I think it's incredible that she uses her blog to raise awareness of childhood illnesses. Amy often posts about how to donate or help hospital causes, which I believe most people who just breeze through life take for granted. Her blog also document her family life in terms of holidays, outfits, activity days and general life as a mother. As I don't have any children myself I can't say that I understand her situation, but I truly admire her strength and would love to see her blog continuing to support her growing family!


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