Friday, 31 March 2017

A month in instagram #9

Hello again; I've had a really good month throughout March both online and in life. My blog has had the most views it has ever had this month, which I'm so excited about as it means that my content is actually improving, rather than me simply dreaming about it. In terms of instagram I've finally reached over 500 followers, which is another really exciting thing for me. Spring finally arrived and I noticed such a positive difference in both the weather and my mood, but I admit that was most likely because I was due to go on holiday. I've had a really, really lovely holiday; it's been so relaxing and so nice to simply enjoy the company of my boyfriend and his family. I feel like I've seen much more of Poland than I did the first time that I visited and I've made an effort to take photos and make memories to look back on. I've definitely overeaten this month, but I have no regrets as it's been such a good month. Here's to having another great month in April! 💝







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