Saturday, 11 February 2017

Zoella Beauty Body Mist Collection Review

Hello again! A few days ago I was having a quick browse in a Superdrug for some nail varnish remover and basically... I was super distracted by the prettier items in store and so I (somehow!) noticed that all of the Zoella beauty and lifestyle products were 3 for 2 and I'd been thinking about the body mists for absolutely ages. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find the Christmas gingerbread fragrance, but I did pick up three scents that came to the bargainous price of £16. Which is great when you consider the amount of perfume you're receiving for that price point, but I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle to limit myself to only 3 things because budgeting is where my life is at right now!


The first scent released by Zoella beauty was Blissful Mistful back in 2014; it appealed to me visually as I really love the rose gold/copper accents. However I feel like it could've been a bit more pretty, it's boxy, square bottle shape is nice with the white polka dots spread out but I have to admit, I would've liked a lacy design, similar to the later scent bottles. The scent is really cute, floral and fruity and definitely appeals to a range of audiences, but I'd say particularly teens and early twenties which no doubt are the targeted audience. In terms of smell, this one is definitely my favourite with the most lovely mix of strawberry, grapefruit, violet, jasmine and gardenia. Priced at £8 for a 45ml bottle it's not only affordable but also a lot of mist for the money. Body mists are great as they're lighter to wear then perfume so definitely more of an everyday purchase, but with the amazing price you can afford to buy another if necessary.


I was debating between getting another fragrance or getting one of the body creams, but in the end I knew I'd regret not getting all of the fragrances as there are so many amazing reviews of them online. Let's Spritz! was released as part of the Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity collection in 2015. The bottle is physically designed similarly to the first fragrance, so deliberately looks like a sister fragrance. The boxy design is more flattering with the two fragrances as a set; this time in metallic green with white lace accents, polka dots and a pale pink fragrance. The fragrance is really fruity, smelling of raspberry, cassis and red berries. It's smells fresh like long summer days and definitely is a summer scent for me; considering it's a mist, it lasts really well on the skin; which is an added bonus. The price is again £8 so nicely priced for those on a budget and would definitely suit a flirty, feminine person. It's the kind of fragrance I would wear throughout the summer months.


The last fragrance of the three, Sweet Inspirations was released in 2016 as a part of the latest Zoella beauty range. Visually, it looks incredible in my opinion; it seems like the perfect match for the boxy style bottle shape. A gold bottle cap with a pink and gold 1920s style pattern alongside dark purple typeography it definitely is my favourite of the three, looks wise. However I'm just not so keen on the scent. Smelling of macaroons, honey, almond, cacao pod and vanilla, it's marketed as sweet, oriental style scent but I just can't find a way to love it, which is a shame as I adore how it looks and I did want to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer, so... I did, but this is definitely not my favourite smell. It doesn't last as long on the skin as the other two, either but it is very strong which is a good feature. Pictured together, I'm sure you can see why I indulged in all three fragrances as they look amazing together, but scent wise my favourite has to be Let's Spritz! which was a surprise as I'm not usually mad on fruity scents. Which one is your favourite?


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