Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Zoella Beauty Bake My Day Gift Set

Hello once again; after indulging in some of the Zoella beauty range previously, I realised just useful a body mist is. I like the way that they smell and how light but strong they are against the skin. Plus, for the price you don't mind to use them all the time as they're easily replaced, not looked my regular taste in perfume. As a result of falling in love with Let's Spritz! I then decided I need to find myself more of the Zoella beauty range. Needless to say, the first thing that I chose to find was the last body mist, one that doesnt seem to be available anywhere, anymore. As in, I literally had to hunt mine down! It was a serious case of desperation.


Naturally the first place that I looked was the Superdrug website, as all of the Zoella products are available from there, as well as Boots. However many products there were available I literally couldn't find the last body mist, the Gingerbrad version. So, I did the sensible thing and spend what felt like my entire life going through so many of Zoe's YouTube videos to find her product accouncement video. That was a good call, as it told me that it was a Gingerbread and Vanilla Fragrance Gift Set priced at £11. However... I then also found out it was part of a Christmas collection, a limited edition collection that was in the January sales and was now out of stock. You can imagine how much that irritated me. So, naturally a google search seemed like a good option.


Somehow, I managed to find a reasonably priced new and unused gift set from eBay for £13. Yes, that is more than the RRP but that does include the delivery price and so I wasn't too worried about paying a little more. It was in the original packaging (which I really liked) and sold as an unwanted gift, plus when it arrived it was as described so I'm a happy bunny. Very happy, actually as it is a limited edition. The bottle is same 45ml as the other body mists, with the same box style shape with a golden metallic lid. The back of the bottle has a cutesy pattern of gingerbread men in white silouhettes which can be seen through the clearness of the bottle from the front. The front of the bottle has Zoella Beauty written in metallic gold alongside Bake My Day! In bright red capitals, followed by a description of the scent in cursive writing also in red. I'm not a fan of the cursive writing, as although it's pretty it would have been nice to have a cute gingerbread man instead. 


The scent is rather spicy, with notes of gingerbread, cinnamon, and chocolate sweetened by the mix of vanilla. I'm not usually a fan of Christmassy scents; however I've always liked the smell of gingerbread so naturally I love this. That said, it's very strong and lasts on the skin better than any of the other Zoella beauty body mists which is great if you like that, which personally I do. It just means that it's fantastic value for money, as mists usually fade fairly quickly. I actually really like the packaging of the Ginger Cream; the burgundy shaped bottle works well visually alongside golden metallic cursive descriptive script and a sweet little gingerbread silouhette with a pink cap. The scent is very similar to the mist and incredibly creamy against the skin, it's a definite bonus part to the set, especially because I wasn't too bothered about the cream; I was only desperate for the mist, if I'm honest.


Overall I'm really happy with this set, ultimately it was a great purchase as I loved the scent and much to my surprise, the cream. I'm really happy that I managed to find the full size bottle as I like the fragrance and it matches in size with the rest of my Zoella beauty body mist collection. The set is, in my opinion excellent value for money and I don't feel like it aims only at tweens, the packaging feels more aimed towards an older audience now and actually I'm excited to try some products from the rest of her range as I was so pleasantly surprised by the body cream.



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