Monday, 6 February 2017

Happy Things #6


1. I've got back in touch with my closest friend I had in sixth form and I'm so glad that I've been making an effort to reform relationships and friendships that I had when I was younger. I'm not the same person and nor is she but that's fine, it's really nice to catch up and basically see where each of us in our lives.

2. My boyfriend made me the most amazing breakfast simply because I was having one of those days where you just feel like absolute shit, mentally and physically and I didn't appreciate it enough at the time, so here I am appreciating it now.

3. Feeling as though the new job is slowly beginning to make more sense and that I'm on the right track at last; it's hard to settle and get on board with new targets, new work mates and ultimately new responsibilities but it's finally feeling like everything is possible in time.

4. It feels like blogging is going well right now, I'm actually enjoying putting effort into posts and planning what kinds of posts I want to create, as well as being more consistent with posting regularly and making more decisions about whether a post is quality or not. At the moment I'm really proud of how my blog is coming along and can definitely see the improvements in my writing and photography since starting out.

5. I'm definitely eating more healthily and have far more energy than I've had for a while, due to sleeping much better. I'm now thinking about next steps and feeling more body positive than I've felt for years.


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