Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Favourite Instagrammers #8

Hello again; another month, another love for Instagram. Anyone who has bothered to read this blog before will know how much I love Instagram. It's such an amazing way to find other bloggers and also learn more about photography. I've been following so many more people this month and I've been loving non themed feeds as they're so much more realistic and relatable to real life. I've definitely become more interested in fine art style photography during this month which is a surprise compared to some of the feeds I'd been loving during the past few months.



Poppy is like mix of the girl next door or best friend that you never had; one of the reasons that I love her instagram feed is that it feels so personal even though the photography is insanely polished. There's a theme but it doesn't feel rigid like they usually do; the photographs are based on the seasons mixed with some personal style. I adore the way that Poppy dresses, it's so laid back but super stylish, which literally translates through her photographs so well!



I haven't been following Amy for long at all, but her feed is literally amazing; full of blogger worthy posts, such as skincare routines and homeware/lifestyle flatlays and hauls. There's an overall theme, but I like that it's not rigid; it's more about the photography and connecting with her personal life. I like the down to earth feel to her posts, which often include jokes and titbits that reflect her personality. Photographs of her current favourites, such as lipstick are great for discovering new products without having to read through blog upon blog.



I recently followed Jessica on Instagram and instantly loved her feed, I felt like we have really similar tastes for example in books and skincare. I love her laid back but girly feed which is full of some lovely items of homeware, beauty and the most amazing stationary. I feel like her posts are really personal, which is nice. Basically her feed is cutesy without being in your face and I liked it instantly because it's so full of everyday objects like plates or necklaces that she makes look beautiful that I usually wouldn't even notice!



I absolutely adore Rebecca's instagram feed, I love how each photograph is so carefully planned to every last detail. Her photographic style is gorgeous and there is a theme of personal style, books, handiwork and adventures but it's not rigid. I discovered her feed during the autumn months and since then I've been literally obsessed with following her outfits, how she styles her hair and her accessories. Her series of outfit posts in the woodland areas of Northern Ireland are my favourites and I wish to visit Ireland one day now!



I started following Jayd Alice towards the end of last month, I love her flatlays and mix of beauty, lifestyle and architecture. Every photograph is super polished but it's not a rigid theme, they're a good mix of different themes and that's what I'm really loving at the moment; it feels like real life and as though you're getting to know the person behind the photograph, not just some unattainable beauty. Plus she posts some delicious looking photos of food, which never fail to make me feel instantly hungry. Bonus!


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