Thursday, 16 February 2017

Favourite Blogs #7

Every month I feel like I read so many different blogs and get a whole host of different tips, ideas and understanding about how other people live their lives. One of the reasons I love blogging so much is that it keeps my mind busy; often when I have a spare moment I have a tendency to overthink, whereas now I have something to occupy my mind either by reading the posts of others or writing posts for my own blog. This month I've been enjoying a range of lifestyle and beauty bloggers and the five bloggers mentioned below have provided me with so much inspiration for my blog to the point where they're definitely on the list of my firm favourites right now.


I'm absolutely loving Carrie's more recent posts where she details getting married and all of the little snippets from her big day. She's covered more less everything most people would want to know when knowing more about weddings, such as the bride and bridesmaid dresses, the honeymoon, the legalities, planning in general, a playlist, invitations and stationary alongside many, many more tips and trips. Aside from her wedding posts I love her blog in general, especially her personal style whilst on travels and in England posts as they're just so beautifully captured, the photography is amazing. To be honest her whole blog is so effortlessly polished, I love it!


Rachel's blog is excellent for raising awareness for menth health issues, but also provides a great source of support for those actually need help by giving tips on how to combat negativity within your life. She's currently studying mental health nursing so she definitely knows what she's talking about; I personally have found her blog to be sensitive and helpful, for example giving advice on how to self love. Her blog isn't only about mental health primarily a lifestyle blog, so you'll see many cups of coffee and showing parts of her life and what she enjoys doing in her spare time.


Primarily a lifestyle blog, Kayleigh shows her background in graphic design through her lovely blog design. She's not the most regular poster, but what she does post is always interesting and definitely something that has taken up a great deal of time. For example a post about female contraception and its side effects; such an important issue but one that is rarely raised in public and also a lot of mental health experiences, such as being isolated at university and alone in suffering alongside more happy posts relating to beauty and social events. It's nice to see someone showing the importance of looking after mental health whilst continuing to live their life.


I found Sophie's blog through following her on social media; I like how she incorporates her personality and hobbies into her posts. She's very frank about her struggles with insecurity and anxiety, with posts outlining how she feels like a blip in the blogosphere. However, I like her honesty just as much as I enjoy her thoughts on food such restaurants she's visited, fashion likes and dislikes and lifestyle posts in the form of what she's read, or how to ace a job interview. I enjoy reading her down to earth, fun and honest reviews and I like her taste very much in general, from make up, books and travel. I peeking into other people's lives and her blog is a nice reflection of Sophie.


I love finding new blogs to read through and Jade is a blogger who I've quickly fallen in love with; I originally found her blog through instagram and having reading throughout this month. Her posts are a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle, with tips on how to increase your follower count on social media, reviews on beauty products such as the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and foodie aspects, like afternoon teas. I like that I've found her blog at the beginnings of its life, as it's so nice to watch a blogger grow from a small following to a larger following; blogs shape so much in their first few years and I can't wait to see how her blog keeps growing.


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