Friday, 24 February 2017

Beauty Favourites #1

During the month of February I've been getting into looking after my skin and generally pampering myself as a way of cheering myself up a bit. My skin is actually pretty sensitive so I'm a massive lover of beauty products that nourish and care for sensitive skin and so I've always loved The Body Shop as my mother has always been a fan so as a young teen I used to be a bit cheeky and basically borrow, e.g. steal from her stash, haha. There are a few items that I literally adore which are not the cheapest but definitely excellent value for money, especially when you consider they're all made from natural sources and are in general really good for you. Creams for sensitive skin are usually more expensive anyway, so I'm not afraid of having to spend a little extra to get the extra back into my skin. I'm also really pale and get the worst excema so looking after my skin is an absolute must.


At the moment there are a few different creams that I'm loving, for example the Zoella Beauty Ginger Cream is fantastic as it's very dewy and feels nice against the skin; I often use it as an on the go item for any dirty patches (for example on my elbow or neck) which does the job throughout the day and the smell is lovely. Although that said, my boyfriend isn't so keen on the smell, which is a shame as I love it. However during the recent winter months I've realised that I do need to take better care of my lips as they've got a tendency to chap, flake and dry out completely so I've been loving the Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter which at £4.50 for 10ml is a little pricey but worth the money as it's incredibly hydrating, especially as I have a terrible habit of biting my lips unintentionally whilst I think. 


In all honesty, I love the Body Shop Body Butter range in general and own a few products from that range alongside the Lip Butter. The Pink Grapefruit Body Butter cost me £6 and is in a smaller size, which is not only great for travelling and on the go but I also adore the smell. It feels amazing against my skin and I like to use it on my knuckles, wrists and elbows; basically the spots where I do suffer the most from having dry, flaky skin. The second is a much larger tub of the Raspberry Body Butter which is my favourite fruit to eat and smell; the price was £14 which is more expensive but as the pot has literally doubled in size, so in my opinion is definitely worth the price. This size is the one that I invest in to use more regularly at home when I want to really pamper myself and I use it for literally my whole body, but particularly my legs and stomach. I would definitely recommend these tubs for the price and the smell... After use, your skin smells like fresh fruit which I love. Plus, they're super hydrating, which is a definite must for me.


I'm also a massive fan of the Body Shop Hemp Protector range; thus far I've only invested in a hand and foot cream, but oh my gosh they are amazing! The hand cream is what I use the most, which I bought in a larger size of 100ml so I paid £12, but it does start at £5 for the smaller size. The reason that I chose the larger size is because I do have awful excema on my hands. I have to say, it was worth every penny as the excema on my hands has completely cleared up since using it and it's the only non-steroid based cream to have done so. The Hemp Foot Protector is equally as excellent but for the hands. I have incredibly small and wide feet so I often tread awkwardly on the underside of my soles and so my feet do require more attention then is usual for anyone. The Hemp not only smells lovely but it really does soften and then protect from any hard or damaged skin. Priced at £11 for 100ml it's excellent value for money as it seems to last forever as you need only a small amount to cover the whole foot. This month I've loved rediscovering products to look after the body as I'd neglected my skin for what seems like ages!


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