Saturday, 18 February 2017

A Mini Haul #6

After seeing so many YouTube videos and bloggers raving about Make Up Revolution products I decided to have a look in my local Superdrug and investigate the hype for myself; not only is the make up super affordable but it's got such a range of different products to the point that I could've spent a ridiculous amount of money on so many things. I was disappointed because the brow promade looked incredible and they didn't have my shade in stock so I have to keep an eye out for when it's available instead. I did manage to get my grubby paws on a couple of items though, which made me very happy as they're excellent value for money. I'd recommend just having a browse through the range if you're after make up on a budget as every item is very reasonably priced and feels fairly sturdy for the prices too. This little haul is definitely the start of experimenting with more make up and Make Up Revolution products seem to be very versatile as there is so many shades in their palettes; you can find something for every skin tone.



As I wasn't full of money to spend, I decided on a highlighter and an eyeshadow palette. In all honesty, I'm such a mess when it come to making decisions... I struggled to limit myself but I'm so excited with what I bought. I decided on a strobe highlighter in the shade Ever Glow Lights which was a fantastic price at £3; I'm amazed at the amount of pigment in such a small pot, even on the back of my hand it was incredibly glowy. I'm so excited to use it properly on my face but I feel like it's not a natural highlight, it's one to wear for a special occasion, for me anyway. However if you're a fan of glowy highlights for everyday, this is one to use as its so affordable and easy to replace if you hit pan. I also indulged in an eyeshadow palette that I've been obsessed with since seeing it all over instagram. It was the Fortune Favours The Brave palette priced at an incredible £9.99 for 30 different shades. 


I'm actually in love with each of the 30 shades and I feel like they're super versatile; as in, you could make use of so many of the available shades for different looks; from a natural day look, to a more shimmery, smoky night time look. I adore the packaging too, it feels very sturdy for the price and comes with a huge mirror which is a great addition to a make up bag, as it enables you to top up your make up throughout the day if necessary. I'm not a fan of the brush that comes with the palette, but that's only because I have brushes that I prefer to use that don't have a sponge end,  it's really not too bad if I'm honest. If you're on a budget without having any make up brushes it will still work really well. One thing that I really love about the shades in this palette is that they have shades running through them which looks amazing in the pan and on the lid. I can see why this palette has been loved so much on social media. I'm a massive convert to Make Up Revolution now and I'll definitely be buying more make up palettes from them; I already have my eyes on a highlight blush palette, but for the price it's definitely acceptable to indulge sometimes!


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