Thursday, 16 February 2017

A Mini Haul #5

Hey again; at the moment I've been loving highlighter and eyeshadow palettes. That said, I'm also on a massive budget at the minute too so it makes sense that my most recent purchase was a set of two eyeshadow palettes and a contour palette all for the bargain price of £17 from W7. Before buying this contour set, I owned another contour palette from the Kate Moss by Rimmel in the lightest shade and it's definitely my preference to the W7 version as it's far more pigmented, but also better suits my skintone. That said, there wasn't actually a specific skin tone choice with the W7 palette, it just was an extra in a set of three palettes. In terms of pigmentation I definitely prefer my Sleek highlighting palettes over any others, although the Rimmel contour palette is my favourite for a natural, everyday look. The W7 The Cheeky Trio is sadly not the best for me, but perfect for someone with a more medium skin tone and especially if you want a palette that's good value for the money you spend.


The two eyeshadow palettes that came as the other parts of the W7 set are In The Night and Colour Me Nude. I love the smokiness of the In The Night eyeshadow palette as it has such an amazing range of Matte and Shimmer shades. The layout of the palette is very similar to the Urban Decay Naked series, although I personally think the W7 versions are sturdier as they're tins, not board. A nice bonus is that there is a brush included in the palette which works reasonably well, but a second brush makes is far easier to blend the shades together than the brush included does. The shades included in the palette really suit what it says on the tin; I'll definitely be using these shades for a gorgeous smoky eye for evenings out with friends. Although there are some lighter matte shades which made an excellent eyeshadow base, like the nude colours to the left of the palette which could also be used for a shimmery daytime look too. Actually that's why this palette is so good, not only because of the good pigmentation, it's the range of shades available which you can use to create any kind of make up look, whether that's for day or night.



For an everyday look, I'm actually in love with the Colour Me Nude eyeshadow palette as it's the perfect set of Shimmer shades to add a hint of glam to a natural make up look. This is the palette that I'll use the most from the three palettes as it's got an amazing range of base eyeshadow shades and more glamourous day or night time shades. Like the other palette in the set, this palette is a good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked series as the shades and layout of the palette are fairly similar but at a better price point for many people, myself for sure! On myself I usually have a nude eyeshadow because as I'm getting older I feel as though less is more, it's more about assentuating what you have rather than painting a mask so this palette is perfect for that paired down but pretty make up style. I would definitely recommend the two eyeshadow palettes to any skin tone and especially to someone who would want a lot of choice for their budget, but I have to be honest that I'm really not keen on the contour palette. Overall, this set was a massive win for me. What palettes are you guys enjoying at the moment? Let me know in the comments :)


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