Sunday, 22 January 2017

My Perfume Collection #7

Hello again, whoever is reading this.As anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will know how much I love the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances. Actually the Marc Jacobs fragrances in general are a particular love of mine. For the last couple of months I've been on a personal mission to collect as many of the limited edition series of bottles as it is possible to do. In the image below you can see Daisy Sorbet, Delight, Black Edition, Sunshine and Blush all in the 50ml versions. I love the way that the bottles look as a set, how the designs and colours match well visually together.


I also love the Daisy Eau So Fresh collection of perfumes and have been slowly collecting the whole range of these too, although I still have a while to go with this collection. These perfumes are the 75ml versions and the bottles visually look very similar to the smaller bottles but with a larger bouquet of daisies on the lid of the bottles. At the moment I have Daisy Eau So Fresh, Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight, Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine and Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush. Many of these perfumes correspond with the smaller perfumes as they're from the same limited edition collections. What I love about Marc Jacobs perfumes is that they all seem to work beautifully as a set whilst not being identical. I'm a sucker for feminine, floral scents.


I've also been looking at scents by Marc Jacobs outside of the Daisy range, which is why I bought Oh! Lola as a starting point. More recently I've been purchasing empty bottles or used bottles from eBay as they're much cheaper and much more suited to my current budget. For example, the Daisy Black Edition was purchased for about £4 in total which is an absolute bargain. I love the way that these bottles look and ultimately that's why I don't mind the bottles being empty as I like having the bottles on display together. The Oh! Lola is the 100ml version and is an absolutely huge bottle compared the 50ml Daisy editions; the amount of fragrance is definitely great value for money.


The Lola range also has a variety of limited edition scents too and the Oh! Lola Sunsheer is a recent purchase of mine. As my favourite colour is green, the lime green bottle was obviously going to be an automatic favourite of mine. Next to the 100ml version of Oh! Lola it looks absolutely tiny when in reality it's the 50ml version. Since having a larger, 100ml bottle I definitely believe that 50ml is enough for me; I like to own a range of scents and perfume bottles and so 50ml versions are definitely a cheaper option and an easier way to own a wider variety of perfumes.


Placing the 50ml Daisy Dream Blush next to the different variations of Oh! Lola you can visually see how they use a variety of pink shades across the perfume bottles, which is why I really love these bottles. The florals and the pinks definitely class these perfumes as very romantic, feminine and dainty which matches the physical smells well; all of those classifications can be applied to the scents themselves too. Through the side by side comparison you can see how large the Lola bottles physically are compared to the other bottles in the range. I definitely want to keep my collection growing as the year goes on, when my budget allows.


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