Monday, 30 January 2017

Happy Things #5


1. My boyfriend bought me flowers for an anniversary which not only really cheered me up, it was a lovely gesture and I always love receiving flowers from him. 

2. I'm looking forward to having a weekend off, some time to relax and to simply have some 'me time', which I don't give myself time for often enough.

3. I've reignited a massive love I had for reading as a child and teenager. University and further studies took a lot of the pleasures I had from reading and I'm enjoying immersing myself in reading again.

4. I've got some treats like chocolate and some films to watch and enjoy during my weekend off which I'm excited for. I like watching film adaptations of books and seeing if it lives up to my expectations.

5. Wotsits and Frazzles have literally come my vice the last couple of weeks, whenever I want a quick, stress-free pick me up I always find some crisps to nibble on and I have no regrets.


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