Thursday, 5 January 2017

Happy Things #1

In 2017, I'm determined to start the year as I mean for it to go on. I'm now a strong believer that it is YOU that shapes your future and therefore YOU who needs to take the steps that make things happen. The purpose of this post (and the series that will eventually follow) are to serve as a reminder of all of the positive things that will keep me going on my down days. This blog has become an online diary for me and so I'm choosing to share my happy moments with you.


1. EXPLORING. Seeing, believing, living. It's so important to focus on what you enjoy and I love watching the world go by, yes it's a massive cliché, but it's genuinely true. Every time I look around at the city I live and work in I realise how much I've taken it for granted. I want to be a tourist, learn more about trivial things and push myself to enjoy life. Reflecting on the past and present and dreaming of the future will make me stay positive. I'm grateful for being able to live in such an open minded, free society.


2. FRIENDS. New, old, lifelong. They're all important and each one of them has had an impact of my life whether I've noticed it or not. Keeping in touch isn't difficult in this modern age and yet we seem to struggle somehow. I want to break out of having too many things to do and get back in touch. Starting with this week; I'm grateful for the support of others when I least expect it.


3. CREATIVITY. When I pushed myself back into blogging, it was because after graduating from university I lacked a creative outlet; I genuinely missed the buzz that comes of productivity and using my brain to bring an idea into being. Blogging brought back a lot of that buzz and actually helped to refine myself and also regain a lot of positivity into my life.


4. A POSITIVE MINDSET. Recently I've definitely seen a spark within my mind that has somehow, very suddenly, begun to see the positive side of life. Having spent a lot of time at rock bottom, it's refreshing to have found a light unexpectedly at the end of the tunnel. Now that I've found that light, I'm very grateful and genuinely never want to let it go.


5. LOVE. It's something that translates into any language, but believe me when I say that love is definitely what kept me alive during those, long tough months at the bottom of a black hole. I'm grateful to the one person who stuck by me through thick and thin, even when I couldn't even love myself. There were days, weeks and probably months where I was the last person who you want to look after or be with and yet somehow I found someone who managed to love even when love felt impossible and undeserved.


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