Thursday, 5 January 2017

Goals for 2017


I originally wrote a post like this back in 2015, which ended up being a major fail as I got absorbed in my final year at university and never kept up my goals or this blog. Since then, I haven't been massively into New Years resolutions as I never seem to keep them. However, during 2016 I definitely found some inner strength and so I want to try and keep up a positive attitude to life and so I'm determined that this year, I will challenge myself to keep to my goals and basically improve myself.

Relationships - I want to keep in touch with friends more and make an effort to meet up and enjoy the company of others. When you get older it's hard to keep that closeness when you have what feels like a million different things to do. I also want to keep up good relationships with my family and also my boyfriend. I feel like I can really improve on this area of my life, and relationships are built on two people so I need to work at it.

Hobbies - This year I intend to focus more on my creative side, which means blogging, photography, reading, drawing and scrapbooking. Last year I feel like blogging went well and I want to continue using my creativity to find a kind of peace within my mind; being creative helps me to relax and sharing my likes, loves and dislikes with the world on this little corner of the internet has been a really good experience for me. This year I want to build on what I've been doing and try and meet other bloggers and keep being inspired.

Adventure - I really want to get out of the house more and explore the amazing city that is London. The beauty of London is that however much you explore it, you'll always find something or somewhere you've either never noticed or never seen before. My boyfriend isn't British and he's always trying to push me to do more things and see more things and so it's now the time to listen, no more negative thinking or letting anxiety rule, time to get off and enjoy every minute of life.

Holidays/Time Off - There so many places I'd like to see, both in the UK and abroad, but ultimately I also want to keep more time for me, myself and I. Time to think, breathe and relax. The past year was rough and I didn't give myself enough time to rest, this year I intend to let myself rest more and take more time out, even it's a only weekend away with Piotr, it'll refresh the brain and keep my positivity levels up.

Health - I'm not my heaviest weight right now, but it's creeping very close. I don't actually weigh myself often, but physically I feel very unfit and uncomfrotable as realistically many of my clothes don't fit as well as I'd like right now. I want to push myself to drink more water, eat less crap and actually force myself to do some exercise. It's not all about physical looks, it's more about getting my mental and physical health in order. Exercise doesn't only benefit the body, it also benefits the brain. This is probably the most difficult and the most important of all of the goals that I've laid out here; it's something that's been pushed to the back of my mind for around 4 years it's definitely the time to push this goal into gear. 

Work - As I've mentioned briefly in another post, I'm starting a new job literally this month. A proper, salaried graduate job; the kind that I dreamed I would find when I was a final year student in university. Miraculously only 15 months after graduating I actually have a fantastic career prospect ahead of me and I'm determined not to waste it. It feels like the perfect start to a refreshing new year and I am going to make the most of every minute and push myself to work the hardest and best that I'm capable of.


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