Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Favourite Youtubers #1

Hello again, new year, new blogposts. Every month I write about my favourite instagrammers, music or blogs. So, I decided it was about time I wrote about my favourite YouTubers as well. Like most people nowadays I spend a ridiculous amount of time online and so it makes sense to write about what I like and see. A lot of the internet does inspire me, although I'm not sure if YouTube would suit me; I'm much more of a writer then a speaker, although I do enjoy watching videos as it helps me wind down after work and before going to sleep. The channels below are the ones that I've been watching the most at the moment.


RhiannonAshlee - RhiannonAshleeVlogs

I've been watching Rhiannon since she was more well known as FashionRocksMySocks, so basically for a really long time. However more recently I've been loving her vlogs and seeing her develop as a mother; as we're the same age it's both weird and interesting as it seems like we have lots and nothing in common. I find her to be really relatable and one of the most honest young mothers to watch. I like that if she's just having a standard say, she still vlogs and never hides the struggles of juggling having a job whilst her family are still growing. Plus her fashion sense is still as amazing as it was in her early videos.



I've only recently started following Sophie, but I've literally binge watched through so many of her videos; one of the things that I really love about her channel is that the majority of her hauls and reviews are cheaper items that most people can afford, not only expensive items. For example, she recommends make up for all price ranges, from very limited budgets (Poundland, Primark) to high end budgets (Jeffree Starr, Kylie Jenner) which is great, if, like me, you don't have hundreds of pounds to spend. Her hauls are often from Primark too, which is relatable for people on a budget and she comes across as really honest and sweet.



It's rare to see fairly popular youtubers with full time 'real life' jobs but it's actually refreshing. It suddenly makes YouTube seem a bit more normal, too. Her channel is pink, girly and full of fun challenges and make up hauls. The majority of the items she shows are really reasonably priced, from Superdrug or Primark and her overall personality is really fun and upbeat. Her make up collection videos, room tours are really nicely filmed and definitely a girls dream as they're filled with lots of pink and storage space in surprising places, like under desks. She regularly posts haul videos that are from easy to find and afford places and gets madly excited over cute things, which I find really endearing.


sunbeamsjess - extrasunbeamsjess 

Jess definitely comes under the genre style and fashion vlogger; I like her honesty particularly in vlogs where she talks about being at uni and juggling uni work and YouTube work such as editing and uploading. One of the main reasons that I followed her channels was because I like how she documents her weeks by outfits and explaining how she styles herself; another thing was that she documents what books she's reading or what books she's enjoyed. When I was younger I was massively into reading and I need a boost to get back into it. After seeing her videos I'm now thinking about what I should read, so she's a great inspiration for both your brain and body.



I've been watching Rosie's videos for a while now and recently her subscriber count has literally grown and grown. At the moment her videos are mostly focussed on her travels around the world, firstly on a trek around America and currently backpacking around Asia. Her travelling videos are great if you're unable to travel and want to see some sights or firsthand experiences of travelling. Other than these, she's also into beauty and cooking, with reviews of Kylie Jenner's lip kits and testing Primark make up to see if it does what's expected of it. She comes across as very down to earth, friendly and honest and up for adventure.


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