Sunday, 8 January 2017

Favourite Blogs! #6

One of the things that I genuinely enjoy about each month is discovering more of the blogging world and learning more about what kind of content I like to read and hope to write myself one day. It feels like every month is a learning curve in terms of blogging (I'm still a relatively new blogger) and so finding new blogs to read is a fantastic way to find inspiration and also gives me a bit of a focus, a want to keep going. This month I've been loving the five blogs listed below and I'm looking forward to reading more of their posts in the next few months.

This is one of the blogs that I found incredibly recently and I really love its pink, pastel romantic feel. It's definitely a girly blog with a massive love of pink, to the point that even the suggested buys or hauls are all pink items. I like the mix of hauls, baking, fashion and beauty items. The majority of the posts are beauty reviews of new or recently discovered products, mostly in pink. One of the most interesting things about her posts is that they're very simple with stunning photography that includes little snippets of her personal life, such as her son or her must have beauty items of the moment. You start to feel a closeness through the internet with people, which is strange but nice.


Mostly a lifestyle blogger, you can see Chloe's creative and media influences throughout her blog. As she is a media graduate, you can see the more creative side of her through her photography. It's also nice to see how she embraces where she lives and make a guide to things to see in Bristol for readers who have been asking where the best places are to visit. However what I liked the most was the more honest posts, on fairly unusual topics like the contraceptive pill or why she doesn't like growing up and getting older. It's nice to read real life experiences and not just sponsored posts, you feel a kind of relationship with the writer.


Jessica's blog is definitely very established and has a wide range of posts to suit a variety of different audiences; one of the best things about her blog is that she posts regularly so there's always something new to see or read. More recently she's started posting a lot about fitness, which I'm liking as I'm hoping to force myself into fitness a little more this year. However, on the whole her posts are very fashion based, with references to styling, current trends and how to tailor clothing to specific shapes. All of these are interesting, but my favourite posts are the most lifestyle related posts, I just seem to like seeing how other people enjoy their lives.


I found Bethan's blog fairly recently and liked it almost instantly, it's nice to see someone who likes a lot of things be passionate about all her different interests. I enjoy reading her posts about books she's read  and what kinds of books she plans to read. Her photography is very simple and subtle but works well against the layout of her blog which is also fairly simple but effective. I particularly liked her blogmas posts of Christmas markets and decorations as well as a theme of 'Sunday posts' which I really like the idea of rounding up a good or bad week in one post; each month she writes a post about what she's looking forward to that month which seems like a great way to stay both positive and focussed.


Holly is a perfect example of a young fashionista whose blog has formed a career; working as a model she's got a very lovely ethereal beauty that matches well with her simplistic yet sophisticated blog. She often posts about fashion or what shoots she's done recently, which is interesting to see and the quality of the photographs are obviously fantastic. She's naturally loved by the camera, but equally seems totally passionate about what she posts on her blog and what she wears and how she styles herself. However, what's also great is that she talks about serious issues too, such as mental health issues which raises awareness to younger teens and or those her age too.


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