Sunday, 1 January 2017

A month in instagram - December

Overall, I had a fairly lovely month of December and a lot of it was very positive; during this month I went to two job interviews and was offered both, which is why I posted the motivational quote 'she believed she could so she did' as I found it was something that encompassed what I felt at that time. I've tried hard to find some inner positivity as keep on going. I'm not usually one for looking at motivational quotes all the time but I felt like I needed to this month. 'Stars can't shine without darkness' was a mic one to keep me on a happier plane; sometimes you need to work through the darkness to find the light, which is something that I'm really trying to live by right now. Both of these quotes made sense to join with two of my favourite perfumes as they're something that make me happy.


This man has literally been my light in the darkness during a really hard year. He has a way of making me laugh and giving me comfort when I need it. In all honesty, I am actually hard to live with and be in a relationship with due to my mental health. One of the things that I love the most is how even just a walk along river becomes fun or interesting, it doesn't have to be all about spending copious amounts of money, its about having company that you really appreciate and enjoy. He's brought so much of my confidence back and everyday the love I have for him grows even stronger. Photographs are a fantastic way of keeping track of the memories that you make together.


I also have this thing about night time shots; I studied photography at A Level and University and my favourite shots were always those taken at night, or with heaps of shadows and darkness in. I always liked seeing how I could create a sense of mood and the contrasts between light and dark tones within an image and this interest have definitely pulled into adulthood. Oxford Circus at around 3am was lovely to walk along as it was empty at that time with all of the beautiful Christmas lights everywhere, it was a dream for me.


I've posted many different shots that I've taken for various blog posts this month all over my instagram and this month they seem to have become very pink and girly all of a sudden; I'm not that I'm very happy with my photography for my blog right now. Ideally in a few months I'd like to invest in a better camera as I feel like my iPhone is slightly limited. Although I'm not sure if it's the iPhone or the framing of the photographs. I feel like they're a little too busy. Seeing the images altogether in a feed does help you to determine what works and what doesn't and I'll definitely be using the less is more approach from now on, but it's also enjoyable to see how my blog is developing as I learn what I like and don't like.


I always try to make my instagram feed personal and not all about blogging, so I include images of what I've genuinely enjoyed in my day to day life; my boyfriend bought me some lovely flowers on Christmas Eve and although I'm not usually a fan of yellow, these gerberas were such a good way to brighten up a room from the dark and cold weather outside. They're actually still going strong two weeks later, which is amazing. I've been loving the smell of Yankee Candles recently, I've fallen in love with Red Raspberry, it's so fruity and strong; it literally powers through most of the house and I finally managed to find a Jean Paul Gaultier bustier perfume. It reminds me of a younger Madonna, but I also love how it celebrates the shape of the female form. Lastly, a picture of a bearded Piotr not looking like he loves the winter sunshine. Here's to having a good January!


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