Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A month in Instagram #7


Hello again, as you all know I'm a huge lover of the phone app instagram. I'll often be sat on a bus, lying in bed or on a break at work and finding myself almost mindlessly scrolling through and finding various kinds of inspiration for blogposts, lifestyle or beauty purchases. This month. I've been posting most blog related images, although I also posted a couple of photographs in relation to the new year (I actually really enjoyed the start to this year, spending it with friends and my boyfriend) and starting a new job/saying goodbye to another.

I like using Instagram as a kind of visual diary, similarly to blogging although it feels a little more personal in terms of what I post, for example photos of my workmates or my dog. That said, I definitely want to get more involved with blogging and hopefully get more involved in the blogging community. Instagram is a good way of looking through memories as you can keep them forever. I like to go through my feed every few months and look back on good moments as I try to post only positive things to keep my mind in a more positive frame. Here's to having a good February! :)


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