Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Mini Haul #4

I always find that January is a bit of a depressing month, as in the days are slowly getting longer but it's still super chilly and I seem to be constantly with a cold or cough throughout the whole of it. On a positive note, January sales are usually fairly amazing but when you're not made of money and in the middle of changing jobs there limited spare money available to spend. I hadn't really been spending much money on make up for a while as I've actually been wearing a lot less as I've somehow reached a point where I'm reasonably ok with how I look, but this month after watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading various blog posts, I decided to invest in some pieces I'd been lusting after for a few months.


I bought two highlighter palettes from Sleek after a lot of consideration as I've got really, really fair skin so I was concerned that highlighters and contouring would look ridiculous on me. After watching some videos from sophdoesnails I was feeling a little more confident that it could work for me if I purchased the right shades. The two palettes that I bought were Midas Touch and Solstice costing only £9.99 each, which I felt was a bargain considering you get four different shades in each palette. I was pleasantly surprised by how pigmented and light the shades are in both of the palettes which is a massive bonus if your skin is as light as mine. Another nice feature is that the palettes have a magnetic closure which limits the risk of the palettes braking. I love these and am definitely going to be using these regularly but I'm struggling with applying them to suit my face at the moment, I guess practice makes perfect.


I'd been looking at eyeshadow palettes for several months and there are so many that I would absolutely love to own from Too Faced or Urban Decay but ultimately they're way out of my current budget and so I've been looking at similar palettes that would suit my budget far more, which is how I then settled on the L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Eyeshadow La Palette Nude Rose eyeshadow palette. Priced at £14.99, not only was it affordable but also very similar to shades available in the palettes I'd been lusting after previously. It's not as pigmented as I had hoped it would be, but the shades are very buildable and the range of warm pinks is lovely for any skin tone. The palette itself has a lovely big mirror too, which is great to use on the go or to top up make up throughout the day.


Ever since I bought London from the NYX soft matte lip cream collection I really loved the formula and how it felt on my lips, it wasn't drying at all and felt soft against the skin. I then bought three new shades that are each completely different but equally complementing to my skin tone. The three shades are Istanbul, Amsterdam and San Paulo. I'm literally in love with these liquid lipsticks and there are several more shades that I'd love to have in the coming months if my budget allows. For the moment I decided to invest in a nude shade, a pale pink shade, a vibrant red and a darker pink shade so that I have a shade to suit all looks and occasions. London is definitely still my favourite, but San Paulo is coming in a close second. 


I swatched each of the lipsticks on the back of my hand in the order (from the top) Amsterdam, San Paulo, Istanbul and London. With hindsight I wish that I'd made the swatches a little thicker as they're quite small so it's hard to see the shades. Unfortunately I have the kind of skin that is so pale that it goes pink when it's cold which is why my hand looks darker than what I've been describing my skin tone as. I really like the creaminess of these lipsticks and would recommend anyone to try these aas for £5 they're definitely priced very competitively and suit more or less all budgets. So this haul, however small has been great as a pick me up during a pretty rubbish month and I've definitely invested in a range of staple make up pieces for the next few months.


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