Thursday, 1 December 2016

My Blog Redesign!

Hello again! :)
You may have noticed that my blog has changed a little in the past couple of days; ever since I've been getting more into blogging I was starting to get tired of my original blog design, although when I was starting out I really loved it and I have kept a copy just in case I ever want to use it again. I'm not amazing at HTML and coding so the best option was to purchase a blog layout. I bought this one from Etsy (buy here) and I really love it. The pastel pink headers look so nice and I like the Instagram integration feature at the bottom of the page.
I actually managed to create the overall blog header that is pictured above myself so I'm feeling fairly proud of myself for that. The floral wreath fits in really nicely with the overall theme of pink and white. Personally I'm loving the new layout and hopefully whoever is reading this does as well. It looks much more professional and I think it's easier to read, too. There are so many blog designs available to buy or for free online and so many tutorials to help you through the more difficult parts such as Instagram integration and making clickable picture links to other social media, which I've finally managed to work out how to use for Facebook and twitter. I'm so excited to see where this blog will end up and I'm enjoying getting more into blogging. See you soon x

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