Sunday, 11 December 2016

Favourite Blogs! - December

So far this month I've been enjoying reading through festive and beauty posts, which has made me realise that Christmas has really appeared out of nowhere. The nice part about the festive season is that most people have a more positive outlook on life and the excitement that comes with winding down and getting ready to spend time with loved ones. I like seeing how other people prepare and/or enjoy the start and end of the season and what presents they gift and receive.

I've been loving Olivia's blog for a few years now and her Christmas posts this year have been amazing so far; each day has been a detailed set of present ideas for a specific loved one, such as a best friend, mum or boyfriend. As always, she has lovely taste and her ideas aren't super expensive or unreasonable; she's definitely one of the more 'real' bloggers and is so relatable. I like how her blog is very visual, with many photos alongside short, summarised captions that describe just what is necessary. It's festive without being too 'oh my gosh I love Christmas so much!' and so I love it.


Paige's blog is another of my all-time favourites that I come back to and read time, and time again. She's so incredibly creative and inspiring as she's very open about the struggles of working and blogging full time, running a creative business and juggling having a chronic illness. One of her most recent posts was a quirky, girly gift guide full of glittery hair clips, make up brushes and fluffy unicorn slippers. I adore her passion for making things and her etsy shop is full of handmade, one of a kind pieces; she clearly puts 100% into everything that she does.


This blog is one of my more recent finds and I'm really enjoying going through her posts past and present. Chloe's Christmas gift guides are really relatable with items from places like Primark and Superdrug which are great for people like me, who are on a budget. Alongside this, she touches on more controversial topics such as plastic surgery, skinny shaming and getting married. Her posts are fairly varied and that's the main reason I like her blog so much; it's nice to see posts coming from the heart and not just for the money.


Another newer find, I liked her page instantly. The layout is so visually pleasing, as well as easy to follow. Mostly beauty related, she has a recent post on beauty Christmas gift ideas which are fairly pricey but no doubt excellent quality items. Her blog is very polished and the photographs are so nicely put together and framed so well. Although her blog is fairly high end, not all of her possessions are, with some pieces from Primark and other high street shops, which is nice to see as it makes me want to read her posts more as that's more suited to my budget.


I recently found Charlotte's blog and I've really enjoyed reading through her posts, particularly her wintery themed ones; not only does she recommend ways to get into the festive spirit, she also gives some very much needed advice on how to look after yourself during the colder months and the importance of resting up and pampering your inside and outside. As well as that, she also wrote a fantastic series of posts on how to start and work on a successful blog which are great if you need help with getting more into blogging.

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