Sunday, 18 December 2016

Christmas Wishlist

As I've got older, my Christmas lists seem to get shorter and shorter... In all honesty, I actually dread getting lots of presents because it means having to find somewhere to store my new stuff which is a nightmare as I have a tiny room that I share with my boyfriend now. That said, my Perfume Collection takes up a huge part of the room and I'm still lusting after more, oops. I'm realising that my wishlist for Christmas this year is mostly practical; I've spent a lot of this winter feeling less than my best so I want some comfy hoodies and strong shoes, as well as some fluffy slippers to keep me warm inside the house. It's almost a tradition in my family to give me either some Pandora charms, Cath Kidston items or some make up, such as a mascara. My mama always says if she doesn't know what to buy me, she will always buy something from one of those categories. I'm desperate to find a new bag or purse that I like and will last for a while; I have a habit of using literally the same bag all the time so I need something strong. I love Radly purses, so I'm hoping to snap one up in the Boxing Day sales, and hopefully a bag too but they're so pricey I'm not sure if my budget will allow me.


If I'm completely honest, I'm not a massive brat for presents and never really have been as I was brought up not to expect too much and be grateful for what I did get; but the whole point of this post was to dream a little so I've picked quite a large array of different things that in another life I've love to receive but will mostly save up for and buy for my myself, haha. The ballet shoes are probably the most surprising choice, but I actually took ballet lessons for 15 years and it's something I would've definitely persued if it wasn't for an injury when I was 7 years old. Ballet was my first love and I was completely obsessed with it. I'm intending to get back into ballet or at least some form of dance as I absolutely loved it and I do miss it a lot. I stopped because of A-Levels and as an adult I want to find that happiness again, for me ballet was a great way to relax. It didn't feel like exercise and it helped clear my mind, so it seems like a good idea to relearn ballet positions and get into pointe shoes again.


There's quite a few different kinds of make up that I've been lusting after for a while; I'd like some more lipsticks from MAC as I have Ruby Woo and I love it, I want some pink and nude shades too, as well as a highlighter as I have a basic one that has been used to death, so an upgrade is definitely required... I'm not sure what one I'd like but I guarantee I'll fall in love with a ridiculously expensive one and have to save up for ages. I've been resisting buying a Naked palette for so long, but I think I'll give in soon... I'm quite a nude and pinks person so the Naked 3 is more or less heaven to me, but the price isn't, sadly. I have some make up brushes already, but the zoeva brushes, however expensive they are look so nice and reviews state that they're really soft... I don't need them, but the whole point of a wishlist is to hope, right? I also am desperate to have all 3 of the Marc Jacobs Lush limited edition perfumes as they look and smell divine, hopefully I'll manage to buy all three before the end of January; as well as a new DSLR camera. In an ideal world, I'd love the canon 80D, but in reality the 700D is more in line with my budget.

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