Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Present Ideas For Him


Personally, I find guys quite a challenge to buy for. But, that said I do like the pieces that I find, even if it takes a while. I tend to steer toward classic pieces, like bags or shoes as you can't go wrong with those, especially if you know the person well. You can tell a lot about a person from their shoes or their clothes as it's like a reflection of their personality. Herschel backpacks are so durable and able to hold a lot of stuff so seem to be a favourite with men. A bonus is that the backpacks come in neutral colours too so they go with any outfits, they're visually stylish and they hold anything so all in all makes for a good present and everyday bag. Another safe gift option is a wallet, as any man needs a decent wallet to store change, ID, bank cards and more. Like the backpack, neutral colours are a good bet so this Superdry tan leather wallet is perfect as it's visually pleasing with a lot of compartments, smooth leather which feels nice on the hand and is well made so will last being shoved in a bag or pocket.

Perfume is a little more tricky to buy as a surprise gift as it's not always easy to know which scent a guy will like, although most masculine scents tend to me quite musky and citrus smelling. Ted Baker do some really lovely smelling scents for men that not only look pleasant visually; the bottles are so nicely designed and elegant. They also are easy to use as the shape means that it's unlikely to smash being carried around as the bottle is hard wearing. Jean Paul Gaultier is more of a sexy, quite daring scent to buy for a man as even the bottle itself is very masculine with the muscly torso being it's feature. It's eye-catching and very seductive scent, which is good to buy if you're feeling brave or know the person really well. Either way, perfumes and aftershaves are a good bet as all men use them.

Electrical items are always popular too, as everyone is on social media or likes to keep memories now. A camera is a nice option if you money to spend, especially if the guy is into travelling or wants to start a new hobby. Canon make good quality cameras and the prices are getting more reasonable, especially with the Christmas cash back offers. An iPad is another good choice as it's something that can be used more or less all the time and has some customisable options, such as storage space, colour or adding an engraving. Although if that is out of your budget, a case is just as thoughtful and still very useful, especially if you're a naturally clumsy person. Headphones are another decent alternative as everyone likes to listen to music or watch films and the in ear headphones are usually the most comfortable for everyone as they fit any head or ear shape.

Lastly, another good option is some form of clothes or accessories like shoes, a scarf, a coat... There are so many different options, as long as you know the right size and taste. Trainers are a good bet as they're comfortable and fashionable, and coat or scarf keeps you warm which is an obvious bonus during the colder temperatures. If clothes aren't a good idea, then there are always easy options like chocolates, alcohol, a gift set or the traditional man gifts like socks (but again you need to know the correct sizing) and if they have a hobby you can always invest in something similar, for example if they want to start a new hobby, buy them something encouraging. If they want to learn a language, buy a phrase book. In all honesty, I'm not awful at buying presents for people of any age or gender but I do struggle more with my male relatives than female. If you have any other suggestions please let me know in the comments. See you soon! :)

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