Tuesday, 1 November 2016

November Goals


November isn't one of my favourite months, to be honest. It's when it gets really cold and seems to be boring in comparison to December and after Hallowe'en it all feels a bit dull and lacklustre. The biggest struggle for me is the change in the weather and also the transition to daylight saving time; I can't say that I suffer with seasonal affective disorder, but it's not a dissimilar feeling. So, this November I want to tackle head on and start the month off on a positive note.

I plan to focus on several things. I want to start thinking more positively, doing my absolute best to remember to breathe in and breathe out. Panic attacks have increased quite a bit recently and I'm determined to limit opportunities for them to appear. I'm planning to focus on happy thoughts and intend to plan some lovely days out with friends. I'm well overdue a lunch date with my best friend, who is currently travelling across Europe, to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. I'm missing her company lots but enjoying seeing her enjoy herself and refresh her mind. She's inspired me to try and relax more.

I'm also planning to try and commit to eating healthier, as I have a tendency to just eat rubbish all the time which likely makes me feel rubbish all of the time. Side note; (I feel a bit rubbish a lot of the time, so it'll be good to tell if there is a correlation between my diet and my mental health). I want to learn to let go of all of the negativity inside my head and understand that life is what we make it. I am the architect of my own destiny, I make the decisions and only I can make myself feel better, stop letting life get me down.

If I think more postitively about life, then maybe life will be more positive and therefore I will see an improvement in my mental health. I need to stop comparing myself to others. No one has the perfect life, but it's ok to aim for perfection. My life at the moment is very ordinary and I'm on a mission to make it extraordinary. I'm grateful for many things, such as having truly fantastic friends and I need to focus on that and the little things that make these friendships so special to me. I'm excited for my boyfriend to move in, to move forward as a couple and continue enjoying his company and support. He's the single most important person in my life, and the person who is always there whenever I need him. 

So, hello November. Let's see what you bring.

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